Saturday, June 08, 2013

Settling In at Lake Greenwood


Cross Hill, SC (high 87, low 66)

We’re settling in at Lake Greenwood Resort and Marina.  It always seems to take a few days to get into a new routine.

It rained all night Thursday night and continued raining most of Friday.  When it finally quit raining, and the sun came out, it was stifling hot.  My phone app said it was 87 but it felt 10 degrees higher.

Since it was too hot to sit outside, we decided to take a short drive, but cut it short when we noticed the radar had some nasty looking weather coming our way.

Fortunately, the bad weather skirted around us and when we got back home it was cool and beautiful.

We decided to have happy hour on our deck and take some photos of the birds that hang around in our front yard, which is down a beautifully landscaped slope.


We’re enjoying watching mom and dad Bluebird feeding their young in the nest box right in front of us.  Maybe we’ll be here when they decide to fledge.

Lake Greenwood Resort and Marina bluebird


Here is a picture of Al with the big Canon with the new zoom lens.  It’s a whopper, isn’t it?


I’m struggling to learn how to use the big Canon.  I can’t find a way to allow me to view the pictures as I take them, like I can on LC  (little Canon).  I like for the photo to freeze in the viewfinder for a second so that I can tell if what I just took needs an adjustment.   If it has that option, I can’t find out how.  Any suggestions?

We took the cameras and our drinks, and took a walk around the property before dark last night. No it’s not easy handling both cameras and our drinks…..but we managed.  :)


pool at Lake Greenwood Resort and Marina

Sun setting at the lake.



Stalker zoom alert.  Notice the tan house across the lake?


You can see it better in the next picture.


and finally, a picture into their dining room.  BTW, this is not taken with that big lens Al was holding earlier.  It was taken with my tiny  LC on full digital zoom, which has more than twice the zoom as the big, heavy zoom Al was holding earlier.   I always enjoy seeing how far I can zoom in.  Good thing no one was walking past in their underwear!


Our  motor home sitting on the top of the hill.  Look at that beautiful landscaping.


After our evening walk, we decided to continue happy hour in the hot tub, and it was wonderful!

We’re hoping to take the kayaks out sometime today, but we also may be going out on our neighbors pontoon boat, and they are having a get together at the clubhouse at 5 this afternoon.   Lots to keep us busy today, but I think our first stop will be the hot tub. 

We understand there is an eagles nest nearby, so we’re anxious to see if we can find it by kayak.  Al thinks he saw one flying around this morning.

We’re loving it here and are not in a hurry to leave.  It’s a bit expensive, but this is our anniversary month, so we’re splurging!    We’re thinking Savannah will be our next stop.  Can anyone recommend a nice campground near Savannah?


  1. Pretty header.

    That is a lovely deck.

    Glad we aren't around you two. You might be zooming in our 5th wheel and catch Paul in his birthday suit...hehe

  2. That's some fine zooming you did there! And, WHOA! That's some zoom you got there, Al, if I may be so bold.

  3. I am sure glad I don't have to look after the landscaping there! It is beautiful but I have to admit I prefer our rustic little campground on the lake here. The little camera has a great zoom on it.


  4. Hope you won't forget us common folks now that you're living the high life! :)

  5. Boy is that a nice place you found. Really is a true resort. Sounds like a wonderful place to spend some time even if you do have to spend some money.

    I'm just amazed at the zoom on your little camera. I have a good zoom on mine too but if I put the digital in pretty far the pictures are not crisp like yours were. Amazing zoom on that little thing. Maybe I should get one of those. I'll have to look back and see what you said it was. Probably only has an LCD screen though and I really do have to have a viewfinder. I can't see anything in those screens unless I'm in a dark room. Lot of good that does me.

  6. I just looked thru my menus on the 60D. They will be a little different but look for one that says "image Review" select it and a sub menu with time choices comes up. Mine has off, 2sec, 4sec, 8 sec, and hold as options. Select hold and then the image should stay up in the view finder until you start to take the next photo. Granted we don't have the same camera but Canon tends to do their menus similarly between types of slrs. Hope that helps.

  7. Good grief! You could start a war with that Canon. Especially peering into somebodies bedroom... :cO

    That is a really wonderful place you've landed. I guess you can thank Tropical Storm Andrea now. ;c)

  8. I don't think you can freeze the photo in the viewfinder, but you should be able to increase the review time on the LCD panel on the back (assuming your DSLR has one). I have a Canon 7D and I can set the review from the default 2 sec up to 8 seconds and even to Hold. It's in the menu options.

  9. Wow, looks like a great place to celebrate your special anniversary. I am amazed at how you attract bluebirds. We stayed at Savannah Oaks RV Resort and it was a good choice for a few days.

  10. Wow, I can't let Judy know about this place because she would be telling me that that is going to be our next stop.

  11. I am pretty sure your camera has that option. I have four cannons and they all have that ability.

  12. Looks like a nice place. Looks like you are having fun with the big camera.

  13. I can't recommend a good campground but do take a trolley tour of the city. It really is wonderful. That campground looks great. I am thinking that may be the first trip for the breeze.


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