Thursday, July 03, 2014

An “Oh Crap” Moment and Panic Mode


We’ve been breaking records lately, and not the good ones!

On Monday, the temperature got up to 96 degrees in Tampa, breaking a record set back in 1959.   A few days ago Fort Myers broke their record at97 degrees. When you go outside, it feels like you have stuck your head in an oven, but with humidity. 

We’re getting more and more anxious to head back to north Georgia for some some cooler weather.   Soon, we hope.

We’ve been watching the first  hurricane of the season.  It had been sitting still over some very warm waters right near the east coast of Florida.  Warm water is conducive to strengthening and normally this would cause me some concern, however, the weather computers all predicted it to eventually turn north and go up the east coast of the United States.  They are generally pretty accurate on the general direction a storm will go, so we’re not expecting it to hit Florida.  


Our “oh crap” moment happened yesterday.  We have been having some trouble with our front (only) door.  Frequently, we have a little trouble getting it to open from the outside. We have to push on it, and give it a few tries before it opens.   Al adjusted and lubricated it, but yesterday he tried something different.

He was outside working on it, and I was inside.  He knocked on the window and told me he couldn’t get the door open.  I went over to the door to see if I could get it open from the inside, but it was jammed shut with a big gap at the bottom of the door.  It was shut solid tight at the top and the lock wouldn’t turn. 

Immediately, after I realized I was locked in, I started to panic.   I never thought myself to be claustrophobic, but as soon as I realized I was locked in, I wanted out and I felt a definite sense of panic.  I knew I could crawl out the window, and Al was there to bring a ladder, so I wasn’t really trapped, but the feeling of panic was still there. 

Al decided he needed to look at the door from the inside, so he gracefully??? crawled in through the window.  That was quite a sight as he was stuck on the windowsill about halfway in.  I had to grab him by the pants and help him in.

Once he regained his dignity, he took off the top lock, fiddled with a few things and ended up getting the door to open.  Thank goodness!  I sure breathed a sigh of relief.  Unfortunately a piece of the lock fell down into the door frame, but he thinks he can get it and replace the lock.  For now, the lock is not screwed into the door so it’s not working.  Fortunately, we have another deadbolt lock, so we’re safe.

Yesterday was another doctor appointment for Mom.  She has another one on Monday and then I think I’m turning the rest of them over to my brother.

Every time we take her to a doctor, they schedule her for follow up visit or a visit to another doctor.  It’s a never ending cycle.

Right now, I think she’s doing as well as can be expected for someone her age.  If I can just keep her from falling again. 

I hope everyone has a nice Independence Day.   We’re staying close to home.  It’s too hot to do much else.

Dreaming of the mountains.


  1. That must have been a bit of a moment. Our back window is easy to climb out of if we needed to. It's hotter than h*** here in SC, even by the lake. Almost 100 yesterday :(

  2. We have trouble every now and then with our door but luckily we have a driver's side door so no window crawling required. I really do love the driver's side door.

    Wow the poor south. Cold winter and now terribly hot summer. Sure glad I'm in the Great Lakes. High today 70. Come on up!

  3. Wow, that was some "fun" with the door lock episode. Too bad you didn't film Al climbing in the window, I'm sure it would have gone viral on YouTube! :cD

    Doctors. Makes you wonder, with all the appointments they keep scheduling, if it's for the good of the patient or they need more money to pay for their yacht... ;c)

  4. oh goodness. . .hope you can get that repaired soon. . .certainly wouldn't want a repeat. . .but a pic of your hubs would have been funny. . .LOL!

  5. Brings back memories of when we were trapped in our motorhome in Nevada. We ended up having to get a lock smith. I handed the girls through the window to Jim (he climbed out the window) when they needed to go out. It was NOT fun.

    Our weather has really been not bad here. Going to be up to 92 tomorrow for the 4th but back down into the 80's next week. Sure hope you can get out of the oven shortly.

  6. Too bad you didn't take a few pics of Al stuck in the window - that would have been a sight to see.

    Glad the storm is missing you guys.

  7. Always something to fix on our Rv's.
    Glad it can be and easy fix for Al.

  8. Enjoy your Independence Day. Seems there is always a repair needed on these beasts, from routine to "how in the heck?"....

  9. Ugh - door problems. Hope you get the part soon and get it all fixed up. And hope you are safe during the storm this weekend.

  10. I'm so glad you won't be in that storm, it sounds pretty scary. I know what you mean about being stuck inside. I once went into my downstairs bathroom, one door in, and another door through to the laundry room. I shut both doors to see if something glowed in the dark and suddenly was in panic mode. I knew I could open either door, but for a few seconds, I couldn't. It was very strange and thank goodness never happened again.

  11. Where is your photo of Al climbing "gracefully" through that window? hehe

    Glad it all worked out.

  12. Valium worked quite well for me in the MRI machine.... ;)

  13. I can so understand....I think being locked in somewhere is a very stressful thing. I am so glad Al was able to get in and get things opened. Yes, a pic of him climbing in the window would have been nice :-)
    Hope you mom continues to do well. Yes, she needs to NOT fall.

  14. I occasionally thought about the only door not opening, but pushed it out of my mind:) That is a real concern, hope you can find the reason behind the failure.

    Of course, a picture of Al being pulled thru the window would have added some comic relief to the story:)


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