Monday, July 21, 2014

Heed the Warning


Blairsville, GA –Rivers Edge Rv Park  (high 80, low 68)


Our friends Terry and Ralph have settled nicely into life here in Rivers Edge and we think they actually know more people here than we do. I think it’s partly because they have dogs to walk, and partly because they are more outgoing than we are. 

Ralph volunteered to help Al fix the lights on our deck that quit working while we were gone for the winter.  They spent a few hours and with the help from another new neighbor, we have lights again.  Today we’re going to take down the old rope lights and install the new led lights that we bought from e-Bay.

Our new neighbors behind us have a cute little girl that they call their “late life joy”.  She’s probably about three years old and she is a live wire.   Yesterday, he (Russ) went to dump his black tank and when he opened the bay, there was a sleeping water moccasin (he thinks) coiled up in the bay.  He grabbed a stick and flung it out onto the ground.

Al and Ralph went running to see what was going on. I was able to get a quick photo before the snake disappeared into a drainage ditch.  (remember I have a big strong zoom lens and I wasn’t very close) 


Apparently, the snake entered the wet bay by crawling up the water hose.  Russ and Erica are only here on the week-ends, so the snake has been left undisturbed until now.  It’s a good lesson for us to remember there is a lot of water around here and we all need to be more vigilant. Thank goodness the snake didn’t hurt that little girl.     Al has decided we’re going to get something to wrap around the water and sewer hose to block entry for any wildlife.  We have been careless by not blocking entry to the bays.  That will change now.   How about you?   Could a snake enter your bays from the sewer, water or electrical cords?   Be careful when you open your bays.

So, after that excitement, it was time to go to church.  Some other neighbors invited us all to a picnic at their church.  We got to feast on some good southern style home cooking.  Al and I particularly liked a wonderful home made peach and raspberry pie. 

The other night we saw this huge moth on the outside wall of the cabin. It was 3-4 inches wide.



Baxter has gotten to go on a few golf cart rides.  The other night ne met three dogs and a bunch of people. 


The hot tub has been feeling pretty good.  Here he is afterwards parading around in his robe.




  1. No venomous snakes up here in Minnesota. :)

  2. Yikes! We've had black snakes at the lake, non-poisonous, but still wouldn't want to see one in the bay.

  3. Thanks for the tip about a snake possibly getting in a bay...never thought of that. I still remember the time we registered at an Escapee park in the New Mexico desert and were told to pick up our dog before going outside in case there was a rattlesnake under our steps.

    (I am blogging again for our upcoming trip out West. rvadventures3 . blogspot . com)

  4. I remember Maui had used the end of a dollar store plunger to fill the opening around his utilities. He actually made two. One for when he was full hook up and the other for water and electric only. It stopped their rodent problem. Hope that will help for a quick fix and no more snakes.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. We have always used stainless steel dish scrubber around our water and sewer lines mostly to prevent mice from entering but am sure would keep snakes out too.

  6. Ick!!! I don't want to see anything that even thinks it might look like a snake. Others may have dogs to walk but you have Baxter and he is such a great cat.

  7. I think I would make a stop at the local church too, if I had that encounter. Luckily in our new small motorhome, there is almost no way one could get into the water compartment. But on our last one, it would be pretty easy for a good size to have gotten in.

  8. Wow, that is some surprise! Not one I'd want to have. You just never know. Good thing the water moccasin chose a drainage ditch and not your hot tub!!! :cO

  9. Take a look at Mui Erkin's sewer hose mod. We made one and it works very well for the sewer hose entry into the wet bay.
    Here's the link:

    1. thanks for the link, Karen. That looks like a great idea.

  10. That was a scary snake story and one to be taken seriously!
    So glad nobody was hurt!!!

  11. Hey AL, you look the part of a WHEELER DEALER LOTTERY WINNER in your classy robe !!!!!

  12. Good tip! David is going to get tired of me putting "suggestions" on his list of things to do. We never leave our sewer hose out so that's not a problem but the water and electric might be although that's a mighty small opening. Gorgeous moth photo. What a beauty and the guy in the robe too.

  13. Yikes - one more thing for me to be paranoid about.


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