Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cold Front Arrived


Blairsville, GA – Rivers Edge Rv Park  (high 79, low 53)


We have friends staying the month in our other Rv lot here at Rivers Edge.  She and I worked together at USAA and both retired at the same time. They live in Wesley Chapel (where we stay between here and the Keys).   They have been here since the first of July have been enjoying their stay.  They like to lounge around quite a while in the mornings, but yesterday, we decided we needed to get them out on an early bike ride.  We surprise them yesterday morning, when we knocked on their door and invited them to go on a bike ride with us!

We were a little cautious about where we rode the bikes, because on Monday, while riding the golf cart, we got chased by two dogs.  Most of the people that live in the houses in the area, seem to be decent people, but there is one family that have some mean dogs and they like to  take them for walks off leash.  Last year one of the dogs attacked and bit an older lady from here at Rivers Edge. She was a passenger in a golf cart, the dog chased them, and ended up biting the woman.  The sheriff was called but they were informed there was no leash laws here, and they couldn’t go anything about the dog or the owners.  I have a hard time believing that, but that’s what he said.  Anyway, when we were riding in the golf cart the other night, a skanky looking woman with tattoo’s from head to foot was walking with two mean dogs.  They weren’t on a leash, and they started chasing the golf cart. One dog got up right beside the cart inches from my feet, then went around to Al’s side.  We didn’t want to run the dogs over,(I guess it’s the animal lover in us)  but Al sped up and the lady finally called the dog and we got safely away. It made us a little nervous about riding our bikes near where they live though.

After our bike ride yesterday morning, we went back to town, and back to Home Depot (for the third time).  We decided yesterday should be a little more of a laid back day, so after we got home we had a nice long nap.   After the nap we puttered around the lot the rest of the day.  I did laundry and planted flowers, while Al  did his thing.   We enjoyed watching all the birds that are rediscovering our feeders. 

The temperature never got out of the 70’s yesterday, but it was humid so it felt a little warm.  We were anxious for predicted  cooler weather to come and it finally did later in the afternoon.  We decided to light up our propane fireplace to take the chill off.


After a while, it was starting to get a little chilly, so we decided to warm up in the hot tub for a while.   Ahhhh, the life!

We slept well with the windows open and a wonderful breeze coming in the open windows.   I ended up grabbing another blanket during the night, and this morning we had to put on long pants and sweaters.   The cooler weather feels so nice after the past few months in the Tampa heat.


  1. Even without a leash law if your dog bites someone, there has to be some law that covers dog bites. That's just crazy. Enjoy your cooler weather cause it will probably heat back up again.

  2. Nice that your decision to buy the Georgia lot has paid off in many ways, cooler temps being one of them. Smart move! :c)

  3. I'm pretty sure this woman should have gotten a lawyer and filed a suit. Leash law or no if your dog bites someone, you are responsible. Glad you are finally enjoying the cool we have been loving up here in the Great Lakes. We leave for North Dakota tomorrow so we may be in for your heat. 94 is the prediction. Oh DEAR.

  4. I might be mean, but I'd probably get some wasp spay and use it if the dogs tried to bite me!

  5. As the owner of any animal if it bites someone the owner is responsible. It has nothing to do with a leash law.
    Wish we had your 70 F weather. Our last two only hit in the low 60s.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. I agree with the others...there should be something that can be done about dogs that attack people. That should not happen and should not be allowed.
    It finally cooled off here today but I'm afraid you guys are much luckier...we didn't need a blanket or long pants LOL!! Send some more this way...please!!! Next week we are planning a trip to Lebanon, Tn and Crossville, Tn so we should get lucky too!!! I hope :-)

  7. Come on the dog owners must be bullies, holding the walkers, cart riders, and bikers at bay .... Let's just say,the law enforcement officer better check the law on that one....
    What a shame ..... Actually, someone on the board at River's Edge should have a chat with the Sheriff and/or Police Chief and make a formal complaint on behalf of the folks in the park.... Hope things work out....
    Glad the weather is co-operating .....the fire pit looked very inviting .... Have fun !

  8. July 17, 2014

    You need something to put on the side of the golf cart so the dog will not see your leg
    (something like a small light pice of pltwood to block the dog from seeing your leg)


  9. Good idea with the wasp spray to ward off the dog, or the owner, or both :)

  10. Get a big water gun for the cart that will back the dogs off and won't hurt them.


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