Saturday, July 05, 2014

The Power of the Internet


Nearly two years ago, we invested in an expensive Blendtec blender.  We love it and use it almost every day.  It was pretty expensive, but came with a 7 year warranty, so we thought it would last long enough to offset the high price.


The World s Best Blenders  Mixers   Grain Mills

A week or so ago while we were making smoothies, it  started to make a funny sound like the motor was struggling.  We took off the pitcher, and noticed the rubber seal was hot with  black rubber flakes under the pitcher.

I went online to Blendtec and found an email address to notify them of warranty issues.  It said someone would get back to me.  I waited several days with no response, so I found an 800 for service.

I called this number many times, but  I kept being put on for long periods of time each time I called.  I was getting worried that our “7 year warranty” wasn’t going to be worth anything.

My next step was to go to Blendtec’s Facebook page.  I made a comment about the problem and not being able to reach anyone at their customer service department.  I found a few other places to leave negative comments on FB regarding the Blendtec blender.

Shortly after I commented on their Facebook page, I got an -mail on a Sunday, stating someone would call me the next day.  I got the call as promised and she determined I needed a new pitcher. It was delivered on Wednesday at no charge to me. 

Apparently, they are aware of the problems they are having on their phone lines.   They apologized for the inconvenience and handled my problem efficiently, once I actually got a live person to speak to.

The power of the internet saved the day again!   One negative comment can cost a company some business and they know it. 


So, we’re sitting in Tampa with hot and humid weather.  Our friends Ralph and Terry are at one of our Rv sites in Blairsville, GA and it was 55 degrees yesterday morning!     Oh how jealous we are.   This morning, the when I checked their temperature, it was 52.   Oh how nice that sounds!!

We were so surprised last year at how much cooler it was in Blairsville than here in Florida.   We’re SOOOOO anxious to get back there.

We’re hoping we will be able to leave Florida soon, but Al has been having headaches again for the past several days.  The last  time this happened was after he hit his head and it turned out he had a subdural hematoma.  A CT scan was done and the hematoma appeared to be shrinking, so we thought he was okay.   Now, when he has headaches, we get a little worried.  He has not hit his head again (yet).  Is it just a normal headache or should we be worried.  He doesn’t often get headaches, so it’s a bit of a concern.  I guess we’ll see how it goes this week-end and take him to the doctor Monday if he’s not better.  Thay may just delay our trip north.

We had a pretty laid back Independence Day  here at Quail Run Rv Park.  It was hot and sticky and we got occasional short lived rain showers off and on during the day.

The campground had a cookout from 4 –6pm.  Of course late afternoon is normally when we get the afternoon thunderstorms, and yesterday didn’t disappoint.   We had our “picnic” inside.

When we got home we watched the movie, Lone Survivor.  It was a great movie and the perfect one for the 4th of July. Very patriotic.  Often when I see a good movie based on a true story, it makes me want to read the book, and this was no exception, so I ordered the Kindle 3-book this morning.  How nice is it that with one click, and $7.99, I can have it instantaneously delivered to my laptop, Al’s netbook and my phone?   We don’t pay money for many books, but I felt this was worth it.

We decided not to go watch fireworks last night, but as it turned out we had a great view of some nice ones right outside our living room window.


Our site has been pretty active with wildlife this morning. 

While drinking coffee this morning, Al happened to notice a baby bluebird that evidently just fledged. He was in the tree right beside the motor home. His parents are feeding him.




A little while later 3 Sand hill Cranes were in the yard eating the spilled birdseed from the feeder.  Before I could get out with the camera they had gone down by the water.


sandhill cranes

Everything is pretty green with all the rain.  This is our back yard view.  For some reason the guys that mow the grass here, have left an unmowed strip the past 2-3 times they have mowed.  It’s starting to look like those wildflower areas you see along the interstates.


backyard at Quail Run

ackyard at Quail Run


Ms. Cardinal was enjoying the birdfeeder.






And last, but certainly not least.  Baxter enjoying the sun in the front window.



We have been getting some responses regarding renting out our Rv lots. The Blairsville lots are paying for themselves, so that’s good.

Now if we could get the Keys lot to pay for itself in the summer and fall months, we’d be happy.  We got an inquiry of someone wanting it from December through possibly April.  We would sure love to have rented it for that period as it would have more than covered our annual HOA fees and taxes, however, we also want to be there at least from February on.  We figure we would rent it through January and stay here in Tampa until February.   We would like to stay there longer next year because the water started getting nice and warm in May.  We were hoping to rent it this summer for lobster season, but so far no luck there. 


  1. Great pictures of the birds! Hope all is well with Al, and you're able to get moving to cooler weather soon!

  2. I have not had any problems with my blendtec but my son is having the same problem with his. We were wondering about all the black on the bottom. Guess the best way to contact them is on their FB page. LOL May tell him to try that first. We are still in Amarillo right now and the weather has been very mild. We haven't been home since April 11. I wish I could get hubby to sell house, I am loving living in the RV!

  3. Wow, can't believe you got to talk to a real live person in customer service for your blender problem. I thought those people were extinct! ;c)

    Hope Al's headaches don't slow down your travels, you need to get up to GA and chill out. :c)

  4. Nothing like a little negative internet coverage to get some action:)

  5. Glad you got service on your blender. Fingers crossed that Al's headaches are not the sign of a problem.

  6. Good idea posting on their FB page. Squeaky wheel gets the grease!

  7. Gotta love the internet, so much can be accomplished by using it.
    Nice you got your blender warranty issue straightened out.

  8. These companies do not like seeing negative things posted on the Internet about them or their products - great idea.

    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement following the loss of our beloved pup Molly. Your thoughts are much appreciated by both Paulette and myself.

  9. Really sorry to hear about Al's headaches. They sound awful and a little scary. What a great way to use facebook. Sure hope you can get out of the heat soon and use your own lot in Georgia. One summer in Florida was enough for me.

    1. Summer in Florida isn't too bad if you have a boat, but I sure would prefer to be elsewhere!

  10. Maybe he is allergic to 90% humidity and 90+ degree weather, causing his head to ache? That's why we leave Tarpon Springs during the spring and don't return until late fall. Right now we are helping mom and dad in Sacramento area, where we have 90+ degrees, but humidity runs below 25 most of the time. --Dave (

    1. I've never been in an area with that low of humidity.

      I don't blame you for leaving the area, we're only here to help Mom.


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