Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I am Not a Robot, Quit Asking!


Blairsville, Ga – Rivers Edge Rv Park (high 81, low 65)


We’ve seen very few sunny days since we’ve been back here in Georgia.  The forecast has predicted rain and thunderstorms most every day, but thankfully, we’ve only had one day where it rained most of the day.  We’ve had a few showers, but mostly just some clouds.  We don’t mind the clouds because it keeps the temperature cooler.  The  predicted highs in the low 80’s haven’t happened for a while, and that’s good.  Our cold front is gone and with it the lows in the 50’s.  

Yesterday, we decided to get the LED light strips installed around the deck.   This is what we used.  It’s the same as we put in the coach over the slide.

LEDwholesalers IP66 Waterproof 16.4 Ft RGB Color Changing Kit with LED Flexible Strip 44 Button Controller and Power Supply  2038RGB 3315 3215   Amazon.com

The light strips are waterproof and I assumed okay for outdoors, but I happened to notice the power supply box said indoor use only.   We ran two sets together, using only one power supply and had to figure out where to put it that would be out of the weather.  We ended up putting the power supply in the bay of the motorhome.  It allowed us to hide the cords and worked out real well.

I neglected to take any pictures last night, but will try to remember tonight.  They look nice.  We had rope lights around the deck before, but these are nicer and you can change colors.

A couple comments on my last post about the snake in the wet bay mentioned Mui and Erin’s idea to prevent critters in bays. 

HERE is the link.  We think it’s a good idea, so we’ll do the same thing.  Thanks Mui and Erin!


A year or two ago, many blogs started using “comment moderation” on their blogs.  After you left a comment, it would take you to another screen where you had to “prove you’re not a robot.”

It looked something like this.

Fullscreen capture 2162012 105332 AM.bmp_thumb

I rarely see these darn things anymore, but when I do, if it’s a new blogger, I may leave a comment once, but rarely the second time.  I see some blogs where they say they love getting comments.  Then why do you make it so difficult????  Do they not wonder why they rarely get comments?

Okay, rant over.


I think we’re going rock picking today.  There is a nice trailhead a few miles up the road.  It’s on a shallow part of a river and it’s full of beautiful river rocks.  I love looking for special river rocks. 


  1. I always ask bloggers if they really want word verification on their blogs and then tell them that a lot of folks won't comment if they do. I figure if they don't change it, they just won't get any comments.

  2. I'm with you on your rant, I may be a lunkhead at times, but I'm not a robot, either. ;c)

    You are really becoming quite the RV decorator. Maybe we'll see you on TV on one of those Extreme RV shows? ;c)

  3. Yep, that comment moderation stuff drives me crazy.


  4. I'm with you -- I don't do the robot stuff often but its a bit of a pain.

  5. I'm with you on the comments! Disqus is the worst, you have to have an account just for Disqus. Way too complicated. I use verification for posts over two weeks old because those tend to be spam. Other than that, it's not that difficult to delete any of the spams on new posts. That was a very impressive snake you had!

  6. Looks like we all agree that those robot tests are comment killers:)

  7. Yep, we all agree. Sometimes I wish I was a robot. They don't get aches and pains do they?

  8. Add me to the list of those hating comment verification - I just move on and don't bother. How can anyone know that they don't have comment verification turned on? Boggles the mind.

  9. Yep, I'm with the rest of the group. I don't like the comment verification thingy!! It is a pain and many times I honestly can't read it.
    Looking forward to a pic of the lights. Also, could you repost the link to what you bought?? I think you did that when you put them in the MH but I'm lazy and didn't want to have to search. Thanks!!

  10. Ditto all the above. I get all my comments e-mailed to me first, if I don't like it, I don't post it :)

  11. I'm totally with the rest of you about the robot detector.

  12. I will have to check my blog and see if I have that. Maybe that is why I don't get very many responses. I don't like those verification doodads either!

  13. Comment verification, is definitely a comment killer.

  14. The RV parks look beautiful, no wonder you bought there. With my new blog I forgot to turn off word verification, but Sandie Dixon mentioned it to me. It's off now.


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