Friday, June 27, 2014

Norcold Refrigerator Recall


Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 94, low 75)


While  on Facebook this morning, I was reading about another Norcold refrigerator recall. 

Our refrigerator was replaced at Lazy Days when we purchased our motor home, so it’s less than three years old. The previous recall had been done at that time.

I didn’t know they had two different recalls, and I thought we were okay, but decided to check it out just in case.

I went to the Norcold website and learned there is another recall for the high temperature sensor.  I’m not exactly sure when this one came out, but it’s a good idea to check if you have a Norcold Refrigerator.

HERE is the link.

If you have a Dometic, HERE  is the link for their recalls. 

Luckily, ours didn’t fall in the numerical series that needed any repairs and I can stop worrying!

We will probably end up replacing our Norcold with a residential refrigerator one day.  I have read about too many Rv fires because of these things and it concerns me.

We put in an automatic Halon fire extinguisher a while back.  It’s mounted in the outside compartment of the refrigerator and is set to go of if the temperature gets too hot.   I’m not sure how well it will work in the event of a fire, but maybe it could buy a little extra time if needed.


SS30 90 hi def


I haven’t posted a blog lately because we have done nothing blog worthy, other than a short trip to the zoo the other morning.  It’s been too hot for outdoor activities, so other than morning and evening bike rides, we’re staying in the air conditioning most of the time.

We have free WiFi here at Quail Run, so we’ve been binge watching old Tv series.  We just finished watching Orange is the New Black.   Its well done with good acting, but boy if you get offended easily or your shock value is low, you might not want to watch it!  It’s a true story about a woman in a low security women's prison.

We just started Scandal.  It’s starting out to be good.  We find ourselves watching too much Tv when we’re in Tampa during the summer.   There are beaches, lakes and rivers nearby, but we just can’t seem to get excited about braving the heat and humidity.  So, here we sit.

We’re  hoping to get out of town pretty soon and head back to the mountains.   Maybe soon after the July 4th week-end.  


  1. We've been the same way. High 90's every day, so when we're not working the gatehouse, we're sitting inside under the AC. We record movies on free HBO or Showtime weekends, then watch one a day. Good info on recalls. We have a Norcold, have to look it up.

  2. In the High 90s here as well in Ontario. Just loving it.
    Thanks for recall update. Ours is good just replaced last year.

  3. Thanks for the refrigerator updates! We're watching Season 2 of Orange...and, if anything, it's even more shocking than the first season!!

    Paulette made me laugh with one comment during one particularly graphic scene when she said "do these actresses not realize their Mothers could be watching?"

  4. Glad I am not the only one who doesn't do well in hot humid weather. We have enjoyed the very pretty farmlands as we drive North.

  5. Do you watch those shows on your laptop?

  6. Here we go again with Norcold! They should change their name to "Notcold" with all the fires they've caused! :c(

  7. Your halon extinguisher is as fine a unit as you can find for that application.

  8. Thanks so much for the Norcold link Karen. I really sympathize with the lack of energy to deal with the heat and humidity. It's the main reason we don't want to spend any summers in Virginia ever again we hope..

  9. We have a residential refrigerator in our Phaeton. I loved it!

    I watch Scandal...excellent show. What an ending this past season.

  10. We will probably just miss you, we might stop in Wesley Chapel to clean up and get ready for storage on our way home.

  11. We are so out of touch with network tv that we haven't watched any of the Network TV series for about ten years!! Judy is watching all the syndicated runs of "The Big Bang Theory and I am watching the old " Maverick" shows on the western channel. I am still wondering why we are paying for 300 channels (or whatever the # is).


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