Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Sign is Up

Well, we did it.  The house is officially listed!

We’re not actually quite ready, but there is a little home magazine being printed in the next couple of weeks and the deadline to be included was last week.  Our Realtor said she doesn’t get much traffic from the magazine, but you never know.  It only comes out every 3 months so we decided we wanted to be included, so we jumped the gun a little.  All is not finished around here, and if someone calls to look at the house…..?  

We aren’t expecting much traffic to see the house.  As the Realtor says, it’s a specialty market and will take just the right buyer.  When we bought the property there were a lot of Floridians heading this way and property was selling well here.  Unfortunately with the bad housing market in Florida, that has pretty much dried up.  We shall see.  We figured if my some chance, someone wants to come to see the house, we could get it ready….one way or the other.  We just didn’t want to miss that one buyer that may be looking for this type of place.  We’ll continue to get things fixed up and ready for any potential showings.

We we had our 3rd garage sale yesterday.  When we pulled up to the storage lot, there were a few cars and trailers in a vacant lot on the corner making their own little yard sale.  We thought, good, they will draw some traffic our way and we have much better junk!  By the time we got around the corner and ready to put up our sing, a police officer was running them off!  We were waiting for him to come by and advise us of the 1 per year garage sale rule in town, and/or give us a ticket.  He never came though and we were able to have our sale.

We started about 8:30 and actually managed to stay until noon!  We were hopeful of a big turnout because it’s the beginning of the month (payday), but we forgot that it’s also a holiday week-end.  Anyway, things were kind of slow for a while, but finally picked up.  I think we made about $160, so we were happy.  We got rid of a few larger things, but still trying to get rig of the treadmill and ultra glide machine. 

We’re slowly getting there.


  1. congratulation on the house hope it sells fast and you get the price you want.

  2. Congrats on getting the 'for sale' sign up and on a successful garage sale.

  3. When we decided to go full timing we just wanted to get rid of the house and go, so we under priced it a bit(not really to much but a little bit)and it sold the second day.

  4. That is the BIG step to getting on the road. Hope it goes fast. we had to sell ours in this market and it took awhile. We just decided to hot the road and leave it empty, but is a great feeling to have it gone.

    Good luck.

  5. Well you really did do it! I thought you might change your mind. Congratulations! And $160 - good! Keep up the good work. It is exciting isn't it? And scary.

  6. Thanks everyone for the good wishes. I have faith that things will happen when they are supposed to happen and in the meantime.

    Once we get things squared away a little more here, we intend to hit the road some....stay tuned :)

  7. Just found your site. Good luck with selling the house. Why don't you post a picture on your blog side wall? Every little ad helps.

  8. Good luck with your house sale. I hope the right buyer comes around sooner that later, so you can get on the road.

    Seems to me that you are pretty much ready and I am sure whatever you have left is more cosmetic and probably won't make much of difference if someone is interested in your place. You have both done so much work already.

    Kevin and Ruth


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