Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We spent Sunday hanging around the house.  Al finished up the project by the mailbox.  We still will try to find a few cold resistant plants to put there, but for now it's fine.

Out hot weather has come back with high humidity.  It's been 98 or so every day and no rain for weeks.

We decided to clean the motor home up a little.  We had something fall from a Pecan tree onto the roof and stained it and yucky brown stuff was running under the awning and down the side.  Al cleaned the roof a week or so ago, but we hadn't opened the awning to clean it.  Evidently whatever had been up there was trapped and still leaving a mess.  We opened the slides, and the awning.  We cleaned it good, trimmed a few tree branches and left it to dry.  While we were at it we exercised the generator too.  We will probably have to take down the Pecan tree (pronounced PEE-can, here in Georgia).

Anyway, we had the awning out to dry.  The sky was blue, no clouds or prediction of rain.  Then a few clouds appeared.  Then out of nowhere the bottom fell out and it rained and blew hard!   No thunder or lightning, just rain.  Of course we had the golf cart out and loaded with stuff that isn't supposed to get wet, Al's truck bed, was loaded with stuff to take to Tampa and it was getting wet. The garage and shed were open and the awning out and blowing in the wind!  We got into the golf cart and flew up the hill to the motor home.  We got the awning in without any damage, but of course it was soaking wet.  I went inside and closed the slides.  We have had some leak problems.  We're hoping they are resolved, but I'm not brave enough to test it :)   I stayed inside for a few minutes and noticed the window by the dining room was leaking water into the track and spilling out.  We try to keep the little slits on the outside of the windows clean, but I felt that may be the problem.  Rain was over flowing the track even with me mopping it up.  The wind was blowing sideways and blowing rain horizontally against the side of the motor home.  I ended up opening the window and screen, sticking my head out (and getting soaked) and cleaning the little slits with a tooth pick.  It seemed to help

We got everything put away and it quit raining in a few minutes and the sky turned blue.  It was the strangest rain.  We got half an inch in just a very few minutes.  We needed it badly, but I'm afraid most of the rain didn't soak in.

Monday, Al headed to Tampa (v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n)  Remember that song?  He kids me that when he goes to Tampa for work, it's like a vacation to get away from here!

Al spend the afternoon driving to Tampa and I spent the day wasting time.  I did end up working on Al's laptop trying to get it to work right.  You turn it on and it sounds like it's running constantly even when I haven't opened up any programs.  I pull up the task manager and it shows nothing running, but I constantly hear something in the background. Trying to do anything is so slow it will drive you to drink.  I do have too much on the hard drive and have been taking some of the photos off and deleting them to free up some space.  I tried to defrag, but was told I don't have enough space to properly do it.  I think I am finally making some progress, but it shut off on me.  I think it was getting overheated.    Any suggestions Rick?

Today I need to do some cleaning.  You never know when someone is going to want to come and see the house.  It just better not happen until Al gets back in town though!


  1. Looks like you had a very busy day and then a few computer problems to boot!

    It sounds like you're HD is getting close to capacity, that's one possible reason for the constant noise you hear from the computer.

    Checking the HD to see what % of free space is left would be a good idea. To do this, just go to "My Computer", look for the 'C' drive and "right-click" on "Properties".

    If you are over 80% of disk space used, then your computer is going to run slow. Over 90% and it will crawl!

  2. Sounds like you guys are making progress. Speaking of computers, I noticed the hard drive on my laptop is over half full, so I filled 4 cd's today with pictures off my computer, then I deleted from the hard drive. I'll try to do that often to keep them cleaned off.


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