Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another Garage Sale

Yesterday, we had our 4th garage sale.  We did okay, got rid of some stuff and made about $170.  We started at 8am and left at 11am.  It was hot and humid and by 11am we were hot, tired and thirsty.  We closed up shop and headed to Zaxby's for an ice cold lemonade.  

We found out a little more about the garage sale rules. Al finally decided to just call city hall and get the facts.  You are allowed 2 garage sales per year.  I understand they don't want people making a living by having garage sales all the time, but two a year.  Come on!  If you want to have more than the two per year, you need to get an occupational license for $50.  Or you can go have it at the little "flea market" building in town and pay them for a booth rental ($14)  We don't want to do that because we'd have to pick up and move our stuff each week.  With our storage shed, we just close the door and go.  Much easier.  We may look into getting the commercial license.  Or we may just wait and see if we have any problems with the city and then look into getting the license.  It may be worth it if we can put more signs out and also advertise in the newspaper without fear of getting a citation.

It got up to 98 degrees today and it was just too hot to do anything outside so we hung around inside, took a nap and watched tv.   This evening Al got the new batteries installed into our electric bikes. He took a test run and his bike runs fine.  Unfortunately, he pulled a "Karen" and fell down while trying to get off the bike.  I can't tell you how many times I've done that.  When we first started riding bikes again, I fell twice and cracked a rib.  What they say about never forgetting how to ride a bike, is wrong!    There are no good  bike trails nearby, but we are anxious to take them for a ride...once the temperature cools down.  We like the fact that we can peddle when we want, and use the "gas" if we get tired.  It's nice when you come to a hill to get a little help!  We really did ride more with these bikes and actually got some exercise.  You can build up your endurance easily with that little extra boost you get.  We'll definitely take them with us in December when we head south.


  1. Probably the only way you'd run into a problem with too many garage sales is if someone actually complained. I'd be tempted to take my chances. Glad to hear those new bike batteries worked.

  2. Good news - more money made! It all adds up. Hope Al didn't hurt anything more than his pride.

  3. I'm with Rick and Paulette. Just keep having them until you hear from somebody official. And please be careful on those bikes. The last thing you need is for one of you to get hurt before heading out.

  4. Whee hee congrats on the good sale! You musta had "good stuff" LOL

    In answer to your question on my blog, that cute little Android netbook was good, but we wanted to run Streets and Trips with our GPS dongle on it to be able to take it along in the Tracker instead of my bigger Dell Studio 15 laptop.

    The Kmart salesclerk said we could load S&T on an SD card and run it from that. But alas, nope, it was not able to do it. You can only run their own little *apps* programs that come with it. So that didn't meet our needs.

    It worked well otherwise, but the mouse touch pad was kinda jerky. We wanted to install a cordless mouse, but it wouldn't let us do that either.

    Kmart took it back, no problems after we cleared off our wifi settings. I think their geek guy in the electronics wanted to get his hands on it, as only so many were shipped to just so many stores. He was drooling over it. And they said their store didn't get ANY of them in Medford.

    So maybe he can use it in the manner it is meant to be used.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Now I can catch the Rest of the story!


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