Friday, September 24, 2010

2nd Home Showing

Well the second home showing is over and went well.  Even though we just had the last showing a few days earlier, somehow we still managed to have a lot to do before the showing.  There always seems to be  a lot of last minute things to do.  Maybe we will get better at this over time, but right now, it's kicking our butts!

The guy who looked at the house today was a friend/boyfriend of a neighbor lady.  We had met her once when she first moved in.  She had a sad story to tell.  Evidently she and her husband had planned to travel fulltime in an Rv once he retired.  Unfortunately he died of a heart attack before that could happen.  It just goes to show, tomorrow is not guaranteed and you need to enjoy life while you have it.  This same neighbor also lost her daughter and is now raising her grand daughter.

Anyway, Al thinks they just wanted to come look at our property and that he was not really interested in buying. I'm not sure, I kind of think he was looking, but can't be positive.  They both liked the place real well.  He has a couple of horses so it would be perfect for him.  Evidently he is renting now and they do not live together.   Oh well, at least it got us motivated and we got more things done and the house is clean and shiny again!

After the showing, we headed into town and had lunch and then went to the bread store before heading home for a nice long nap!  Tonight we plan to watch a movie.   The same movie that we were planning to watch a few nights ago when that first call from the Realtor changed all our plans!

Tomorrow is garage sale day again, providing it's not raining.  We have been having such a drought, but now the tropical storm/hurricanes are bringing moisture this way so we're in for a few rainy days.  Hopefully, no hurricanes, but it's that time of year.

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  1. Hope you enjoy the movie tonight. Eventually, the right buyer will come along and think your house is fantastic and make an offer. It could happen at any time! Hang in there.


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