Thursday, September 09, 2010

Dash Cover and Bicycle Batteries

We finally got our replacement motor home dash cover.  I was a little concerned when Al noticed the box listed the right model, but said for years between 1998-2000.  Our motorhome  is a 2002.  Uh oh.

We took it up to the motor home and it fits fine...phew!   It came rolled up in a box, so I'm letting it sit on the dash for a few days to smooth out before we attach it.  I'm still not sure I want to stick velcro to the dash, so we decided to try to attach it to the steering wheel hump (which is hard material) and maybe if we cut the vents our and attach there, and to the side of the computer desk, it will be good enough.  This one came directly from the factory and they also said they don't cut out the vents because they are not always in the same place.  The biggest issue is the little laptop desk I have on the passenger side.  The cover doesn't look good just laying on top of that and there is nothing cut out or raised for it.  I don't know what we'll do about that, cut it out, or what, but I think the cover will work out fine.  The main thing is to keep the cats from puncturing the vinyl dash.  We will keep the cover.  It's not going to fit quite as perfectly as I hoped, mainly because of the computer desk, but for the price, I think it will be fine.  I'm going to think about it before I make any cuts!

Al has been calling around trying to find new batteries for our bicycles.  Yes, Nellie, some people have electric bikes!  We bought them a few years ago and love them, but the rechargeable batteries are dead and we were afraid we wouldn't be able to find a replacement, but Al found them nearby!  Of course they are $40 each and we need 4, but at least we found them.  We find with the electric bikes, we actually get more exercise and ride further because we always know we can get home and we can rest off and on while riding.

Here is a picture of our bikes.  

The batteries are in the rectangular box under the seat. You can peddle, or if you get tired, or come to a hill, you can get a little boost.  One other thing I like is that they are lower to the ground, and not as far to fall if I crash and that has been known to happen : )

Our weather has heated back up again and it's been getting to Al. He's trying to get the area around our mailbox/entrance fixed.  He's replacing railroad ties and adding rocks and mulch.  It's just been too hot to work very long.  I think he's planning on lunch out when we go to get the batteries!

By the way, my nice little photo of the bike is courtesy of Google Chrome Awesome Screenshots.  Thanks Rick!


  1. Never have seen bike's like that those are nice.

  2. Thanks for the update on the dash cover. After it smooths out and you decide what to cut, are you going to post a picture for us?

  3. Jim and Sandie

    Yes, I will try to post some pictures but I tried before of the one that didn't fit and I had a hard time getting a wide enough shot. I'll try again and will post some close ups so you can get an idea of what the fabric looks like. I do think it will work out well. Like I said, the computer desk is the biggest issue.

  4. That's my kind of bike! I haven't even tried the Chrome Screenshot extension yet as I usually use the Windows 7 'snipping tool' which is pretty much the same thing. Thanks for the mention, I'll have to give the Chrome version a try.

  5. Maybe if we had electric bikes. we would use them more.


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