Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Productive Day

It sometimes seems like we work all the time and never get anything accomplished.  We have good intentions, but it seems we always have to make a trip into town for something. 

Yesterday we stayed home and actually got a lot accomplished.  Al went through the entertainment center and sorted  Dvd’s, Cd’s,  cables, wires and all kinds of junk.  I copied 55 Cd’s  to the computer.  I have more to do today and then back up my laptop to my handy new back up drive!

We’re going to sell  the originals at our yard sale.   This way, I can always make a cd and I’m saving some space.  I don’t know if anybody will buy these, but I’ll guess we’ll see Saturday.

We found out that the city wants a $75 fee for a garage sale permit.  You are allowed to have 2 per year, but after that you need the permit.  I don’t know if the permit allows you to have more than one, or what.  Al is going to call city hall later this morning.  I think it’s ridiculous, but I guess it stops people who keep a junkyard in their front yard making a living having garage sales each week.  It makes me mad though!  If the $75 fee allows you to have as many as you want, it might be worth it…at least we could put out more signs without fear of getting caught!

We’re getting kind of excited about our upcoming trip to Florida.  Although it’s not until December, we’re sure looking forward to it.  I was thinking about what a pain it’s going to be to get packed up and ready.  We’ll have to make sure we leave the house in perfect condition, bring clothes for all seasons, load the kayaks, bikes, kitties, Al’s Pest Control stuff, and now Al’s talking about bringing the boat!  I don’t think the boat will be coming with us, but it would be nice to have it there as there are a lot of nice rivers perfect for a small boat.  We plan to be gone 2 1/2 months.  I guess we’ll be Snowbirds! 


  1. Wow! $75 for a garage sale, that would sure eat up the profits fast. I don't think I'd even worry about it myself as I'd just stay with "this is my 2nd garage sale only".

    I know what you mean about looking forward to December and time to hit the road. We're in the same boat and it's starting to come up fast.

  2. Ignorance is bliss. $75 is ridiculous. I agree with Rick.

    Wow! You are going to be a snowbird doing 2 1/2 months! Yeah!

  3. I can't believe they want $75. You need to hold several sales just to pay them off. December will be here before you're ready. And then you'll have so much fun.

  4. Know what you mean about being excited to hit the road, we leave in a month and a half or so!

    Think about the packing as half the fun.

    Good luck with the garage sale stuff. We wouldn't pay the $75 either.

    Kevin and Ruth


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