Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Open House

Our Realtor had a Realtor Open House this morning.  About 7-8 local Realtors showed up.

We got some very nice compliments.  First, they said, oh good, no clutter!  Oh if they only knew!  Keeping the clutter down is a constant battle.  Then they said the house smelled so fresh.  When you have animals, that's also good to hear.  They saw our Rabbit Air Purification system and asked if that was what made it smell so fresh.  I'm sure that's part of it because it certainly takes odors out of the house as well as purify the air.  I especially like it when I'm cooking.  A good hamburger or roast smells good when you're cooking or eating it, but you don't want it to smell that way when someone comes to see your house.  I've been having a problem with lingering onion odors and finally figured my wooden cutting board was the culprit.  Duh!    I'm new to using cutting boards.  My friend Carol couldn't believe I didn't even have one, so she bought me one and now I'm hooked.  I just always used a plate to cut on, and then it could just be washed when I was finished.  It made sense to me, but now after using a wooden one for a while, I have to admit I do prefer it to the plate :)

 I have a few other tricks I'm learning for making the house smell good.  Did you know mouthwash in the toilet bowl makes the room smell nice?

Well now that the house is all shined up, I wish someone would call and come see it!

We have the seamless gutter guys here putting up new 6 inch gutters on the back of the house.  We just had too many problems with the other ones and water was leaking where it shouldn't.  We know we won't get the money out of it when we sell, but it will also relieve a lot of aggravation when it rains.

After they leave, I think we make a trip into town and see about getting a new Droid X phone.  I've been wanting one.  There are so many times when I wished I had internet when we're just driving around.  Al's phone is eligible for the new every two years program, however, I want the Droid and he wants to keep what he has.  He doesn't need anything that he would have to worry about beating up.  I'd kill him if he dinged up my new Droid.  So, if we can get the phone under his number, then switch the numbers around so that I have the droid and he has his old phone, we'll probably get one.He needs to keep his phone number for business use.  They switched the numbers a while back when his phone died and he had to go back to using last years phone.  I don't know if it will make any difference since we have to sign up for the new plan.  I guess we'll find out.

Another nice's almost noon and the temperature is only 79 degrees!


  1. Sounds like the Open House went really well. Hopefully that will get some more "lookers". Any idea what the Internet charge is for the Droid? I pay $20 a month for unlimited Internet for my iPhone. I think Roger would like to have Internet for his phone.

  2. Is the Rabbit something that you will be taking along? I worry about cooking odors in the RV.

    I'll remember that one about the mouthwash. How much?

  3. Margie,
    Yes, I just happen to know the price of the data plan for the Droid, because I just ordered it. It's $29.99 a month, but I get a 22% discount so it's $23 and change.

    It sounds like your iPhone is cheaper. I thought about getting an iPhone because I thought when there was no service for Verizon I'd have a back up (like you did last summer)

    Yes Rabbit is going with us. We got it because Al has developed some kind of sensitivity to chemical type odors and it bothers his lungs. We like it so well, that we would miss it. We spent more $$ on this one, but it really does work well. I just pour some mouthwash in..not really sure how much.

  4. My son loves his Droid X, I wish it was what I had. I have them Storm 2 and I regret not getting the Droid.

  5. I'll be interested to see how you like the Droid after you've had it for a bit.


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