Thursday, September 16, 2010

Library Card

Al got his new Florida Library Card!  Yea!

He had one when we lived there, but lost it and the old number no longer worked.  We figured we were out of luck since we are now Georgia residents.  I wanted one because Georgia doesn't have any e-books in the library system of the entire state!   I could not believe that!  There are definitely some good things about Florida and all the tourist revenue definitely helps to fund things.

Anyway, we recently heard if you own property in Florida you were eligible for a library card. Since we still own a house there, we qualify.  He took a copy of the newest tax bill and got his brand spanking new Florida library card, complete with a cheat sheet on how to download e-books!

So now we'll be able to read free e-books!  I really like my new e-reader but I'm sure not going to pay 8 to 15 dollars for a book.  The library is fine for me.

So I think I'll go check out our new library and maybe spend some time on the front porch watching birds and reading with a glass of wine!


  1. Good luck with that Florida library and eBooks. What's withe the Georgia Libraries??

  2. Rick,
    I don't know what's up with the Georgia library system. We have access to books from the entire state, but evidently they haven't heard about e-books! That's okay though, now that we have a Florida library card..and I even figured out how to get a book, no thanks to their website.

  3. Good job. It will come in handy this winter when you are there too. E-readers are so great!

  4. Since I am officially a FL resident that is good to know. I have way to much weight in books in the coach. Even though I leave them in campgrounds when I finish them, I seem to be still gaining books.


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