Friday, September 24, 2010

Home Showing Today

We spent Thursday day working around the house preparing for another house showing.  We can always find things that need doing.

These two showings have really gotten us thinking.  What if it sells quickly?  We still have too much stuff!  Where will we go?  We've been thinking of options and "plan b's."  Of course we realize a quick sale would be very unlikely in this economy, but we do need to think about the possibility.

Since we plan on leaving for the winter, we have a lot to do and sell in the next few months and maybe our plan to spend the winter in Florida is not the best one.  I guess we'd better get this stuff gone!

This upcoming full time rv lifestyle is so hard to explain to non rv'ing people.  My dear friend Carol,  just doesn't get it.  She says she wouldn't like to do what we're planning because she gets homesick and is always anxious  return home after a short vacation.  Of course I tried to explain that is why we like rv'ing, because our home is always with us along with all the comforts of home and all of our stuff is with us.  We always have our home, but our back yard changes whenever we like.  She still doesn't get it though.

I think it takes a certain type of person to live full time in an rv, but I don't know what makes a good candidate.  For us, I think being raised in military families helped us to realize that you can move and change your life around.  There is a big old world out there and we are not limited to living in just one place. We have no grand children to tie us anywhere.

Al and I have always enjoyed exploring new areas.  We frequently get in the car and just drive to explore what's out there.  We've always done that all of our married life.

Shortly after we got married, we decided to move from Omaha, Nebraska, to Tampa, Florida.  Neither of us had even been to Florida, but we just knew we would like it.  So we left our parents in the midwest, and headed to Tampa in the spring of 1974.  It never occurred to us that we might not like Florida, or that it might not work out for us.  We were very happy there for over 30 years before we got the urge to try something new.

I read on some blog last week about a couple that went "home" after being away traveling a while.  They found they no longer had much  in common  with all of their old friends.  They had seen and explored so many wonderful places and all their friends wanted to talk about was their health problems, or home projects.  None of their friends showed any interest in their travels and never even asked them about where they had been!  They had changed but their friends hadn't.  I don't want to be one of those people who vegetate in retirement and never see or learn anything new.  I think living and traveling in an Rv is the answer for us, but I realize everyone has different reasons for how they choose to live out their retirement years.

I guess I've just been thinking too much lately!  After the 10:30 showing this morning we need to gather more stuff for our weekly garage sale.

Wish us luck with our showing today!


  1. Good luck!

    We agree with you sentiments totally. We like change and maybe that what makes a person RV. We have friends that envy us and others that are like the person in the blog you read, who don't even ask us about our travels and all they talk about are the bills they have to pay and the work that needs to be done on their house. These people don't seem to do much or go anywhere. We don't understand it but realize that not everyone is the same or likes the same thing, it just seems a waste of life not to experience what else is out there. I guess if they are happy that's all that matters.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Wow! Two showings...if you and Al work better under pressure, you will be getting a lot accomplished.

    I have no doubts you guys will really enjoy being full-timers. Although you have enjoyed your time in GA, you will adjust to changing locations and enjoying the different scenery, birds, animals, etc.

    Good luck today!

  3. We are no where near retirement yet...but most of our friends do not even understand why we like camping....crazy folks huh:) Hope you have luck today and big sales tomorrow!!

  4. Very well said you took the words right out of my mouth..

  5. We sold our house in 6 weeks during the worst of this economic downturn (summer of 2008). Sold for what we asked, surprising even our realtor so it is wise to be ready. We had quite a few showings at first with no interest and thought it would be a long haul but the bam, the right buyers came through. It just takes one, the right one to come through. I am hoping for a quick sale for you too.

  6. Good luck with the house showing today. As for fulltiming, I'm pretty sure I think I understand why folks like the lifestyle and if it works for them, that's great! We're in the middle as we love our home here just as much as we love getting away for a few months in our 5'er.

    Having the option to take off in our 5'er and go for as long as we want, whenever we want yet still return to our home works best for us right now.

    There is no 'best for everyone' lifestyle as far as I'm concerned. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes but as long as they are happy and comfortable that's really all that matters.

  7. Good luck on the showing!

    I am sure you will let us know as soon as you get any news!

    We once camped next to a fulltiming couple who hauled out their huge 3-ring binder of places, brochures, photos and a HUGE map of the US with all their routes highlighted.

    We spent hours on rainy Saturday going over their travels. We enjoyed it SO MUCH! AND---- they said nobody in their family is even remotely interested in their travels... so it was a treat for them to have an excited and enthusiastic audience!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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