Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Webster Flea Market

Sweetwater Rv Park – Zephyrhills, Fl

Despite a big patch of rain sitting in the Gulf of Mexico, heading our way, we decided to head over to Webster, Florida for their big Monday flea market. 

Map picture

It appeared that the entire town’s economy was dependant on the flea market.  There were parking lots several blocks away. 

We were expecting it to rain, so we wanted to park close.  We drove right up to the flea market and found a parking lot where you had to pay $3.  We decided to bite the bullet and pay the $3 even though it seemed ridiculous to pay money for a flea market.  We started to hand a guy our money and he said, he was closing up shop for the day and going to lunch (it was 1pm) and we could park free!  Okay…our first deal!

We walked in and found many booths with socks, t-shirts and the like, probably from China. It was pretty crowded and people tended either to gather and chat in the middle of the aisle, or weave down the aisle so you couldn’t pass them :)    Why can’t slow people just walk in a straight line? 

It’s funny how different your perspective is when you live in an rv.  Years ago, I’m sure we would have found a lot of  “stuff” to buy, but everything we saw just reminded us that we don’t have room for any more stuff! 

We did some cinnamon/sugar coated pecans, but nothing else.

Have any of you seen those little marble like things that are wet?  They come in a package of small little dots.  You soak them in water for a few hours and they swell up to the size of marbles.  They are wet and gushy kind of like jello.  The purpose of them is to put onto your plants and the marbles will release water and water your plants if you’re not home.  We have absolutely no need for them, but they are so cool that we just can’t resist putting our hands in the bowl of wet gooshy marbles and playing with them!  Al says he’d like to put them in a bathtub and get in it!  We resisted and didn’t buy any!

Many of the vendors were closing up shop by the time we arrived at 1pm and then the wind picked up and was blowing merchandise around.  We got some really strong wind gusts, but no rain.  We figured the rain was coming, and we’d had enough, so we headed home.

We did end up getting some pretty heavy rain yesterday afternoon as the massive front moved onshore.  No leaks….so far, so good!

We met our back yard neighbor yesterday and found out about a place to get the same fabric that is used  on the front windshield sunshades.

I had been looking for that fabric because I wanted to make some mirror covers, but I never could find any.  She got some and used it as a floor in the little screen room she has hooked up on her awning.  She also used some to make some tire covers.

At the  FMCA rally we got a window shade (same material) for our back window for $30.  It fits on with suction cups and we put it on the inside of the window.  It gives us privacy during the day, but you can still see outside and get light.  We really like it since we currently have neighbors directly behind us.

We may get some more of that fabric for those occasions where we want a little more privacy.  I can easily sew them and they would be easy to put up and remove when needed.

This is the exact same fabric that the sunscreens are made, the mirror covers, the windshield wiper covers and the tire covers.  It’s heavy duty and made for outside use. 

Today’s plans are to have Al’s new truck topper installed and them maybe a hike….we’ll see!


  1. It is amazing how our perspective on "stuff" changes. We went to a large market in Shippshiwana IN this summer that everyone raved about and all I found that I wanted was some fresh produce. I think it is kind of liberating.

  2. We went to the huge Mesa Swap meet last year and said okay - did that don't need to go back. It's wonderful that we don't have room for any more stuff.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the fleas... to bad you didn't get to eat at the butter bean. We've been to that windshield material place several times and picked up a piece of material big enough to throw on the ground as a rug...It folds up small, dries fast and works great!!! Have fun there...they have a ton of designs & colors to pick from!
    Have fun & travel safe

  4. Fun day at the flea market! Our friends here at the Sands just bought some of that sunscreen material and it sounds like the same stuff you bought. It works great!

  5. Would you share the name/location of that fabric place? It would be worth the drive from Crystal River for us. Don't know too many folks that can go thru Webster Flea Mkt and not come home with something-congrats.

  6. We got our sunscreen material from Lowes in the outdoor area. Gin sewed it to fit the windsheild. She changed out some screws around the frame and put in snaps. We attach the screen from inside and it adds privacy and cuts back on the summer heat. Nice affordable stuff.

  7. My sister-in-law called me from Wisconsin last night to see if I wanted a new Packer shirt. She was surprised when I said no. I want no things these days. No more clothes, no more kitchen stuff, no books, no NOTHING!

    I want to be free of stuff!

  8. The sunscreens work really good and do give you the extra privacy we want.


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