Sunday, February 06, 2011

Don’t Mess With a Blogger!

Thanks for all the comments on our difficulties at the rally. 

I don’t know if you all saw this comment but I wanted to post it.  It’s from Nick who most everyone knows from  Nick's Blog and his Gypsy Journal Newspaper.


Nick Russell said...

I am sorry you were treated in such a rude and shabby manner, but it is not the first time we have heard or seen this happen. We have experienced it ourselves on more than one occasion.
As an FMCA commercial member, I have taken the liberty of sending a link to your two blog posts about this to the president and every national officer of FMCA, along with a letter telling them that it is no wonder their membership numbers are shrinking, when people are treated this way.
We'd love to have you attend one of our Gypsy Journal rallies, where you will be greeted with open arms and made to feel welcome.

Thanks Nick, maybe they will understand they are driving members away.  It seemed to us that the vendors were also losers in their politics as they lost revenue. 

It just goes to show, don’t aggravate a blogger!  We spread the news! 


Well the warm weather in Florida has come to a brief end.  It’s only 60 degrees now, of course it’s only 10 am, but it’s a bit cooler than it’s been the last few weeks.  We aren’t complaining though.  Today might be another day to hunker down in the rv and watch a movie. 

Yesterday they had a Glee marathon and we tivo’d them all.  We just discovered this tv series and we both really enjoy it.  We started watching if from Netflix from the beginning but have also been watching it on tv, so we’re not watching it in sequence and we’ve missed a lot.  We’re trying to get caught up and figure out what’s going on!  It’s a great show with wonderful singing and dancing.  What a talented cast.  I can see why it got so many awards.

Al wants to go to the Webster Flea Market tomorrow.  It’s only open on Mondays.  It 2000 stalls on 40 acres!  I guess it will depend on the weather since we’re supposed to have some more showers tomorrow.


  1. No rain!! You guys have had some nice weather and it needs to stick around. We're finally warming up and I am so much happier.

    I'll be curious to know if you or Nick get a reply from FMCA.

  2. That's terrific about Nick sending that info to the national executive of FMCA. It'll be interesting to see if you get any reaction from them.

  3. I ned a new tv series from Net Flix. We don't get TV right now, but I do have net fix on the laptop and have apple TV.

    I never did start watching Glee.

  4. Youe are so right about the power of the blog, it never ceases to amaze me how many people we have met through the blogs and how much we have learned. After all we are just poor country folks, yet the number of hits on our blog surprises us all the time, I know our daily lives are sometimes boring, but to tell you the truth I enjoy hearing about whats new in other peoples lives, and their families and pets.Be safe oput there. Sam & Donna.

  5. Glad Nick is forwarding on your posts. The RV community and particularly the RV bloggers learn from each other and these organizations need to realize when you treat someone poorly, word gets out. We don't belong to this group and after your experience I don't think we ever will.

  6. You are right about how much word spreads through the blog world. I hope something good comes from this. We love Glee, too.

  7. I always told the kids, the best way to get even is to vote with your feet. If a business treats you badly, they should expect that they will not get any more trade from you.

  8. I sent your links to Nick, knew he would be interested and do something about it. It's just too sad that they don't realize how they are driving people away.

    We had thought about the flea market tomorrow but it's supposed to be another rainy/stormy day. Hoping we can do it next Monday for sure!!

  9. Love Glee... It is a entertaining show that has no fowl language and has great talented kids!

    FMCA needs a swift kick in the butt... it is really sad there is so many politics involved on it! Instead of focusing on what it was intended to do. Inform people!

    We haven't been to Webster in a long time but when we do we eat at the Butter Bean restaurant there at the Flea market. Good country cooking!

    Have fun & travel safe


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