Sunday, February 27, 2011

Squeaky is Home

We were able to pick up Squeaky on Saturday morning.  She had eaten on her own very well Saturday morning, so that was a very good sign. Her bilirubin count really hadn’t changed since the day before, but the doc decided to release her anyway.  He said there would be no further improvement from the iv fluids. 

He sent her home with 5 meds.  Two are long term the other 3 are short term.  Fortunately she lets me medicate her.  She also came with a $931 bill.  Part of that bill was for Socks, and part was prescription food…but we paid it and were happy to bring her home.  I didn’t get a chance to talk to the doc before we left, but will do so Monday.  I want to get an idea of long term prognosis.   I guess it will depend on how well the liver responds.

From what I read kitties with this disease need frequent meals.  She is eating quite well one of the prescription foods we got.  I set the alarm last night and fed her twice during the night.  I want to give her the best chance we can.

We have to call the doc on Monday and he will let us know what we need to do next, and if we will be able to go to Vero Beach as we had scheduled.  I’m a little concerned that the 150 mile trip might stress her out.  She is very happy in the motor home as long as it’s parked, but she gets upset when we move and she has to go into her carrier.  Her health is priority one.

We had a nice evening Friday night.  We had a pizza party and our old friends Rhonda and William came, as well as our new friends (and campground neighbors), Dean and Shirley.  Rhonda is interested in getting a Sea Eagle kayak, so Dean brought theirs over and blew it up for Rhonda.  Thanks Dean….way above the call of duty!  I should have taken some pics, but never even thought of it.  Bad Blogger!

Yesterday, Al noticed a leak in our sewer hose, so we decided to replace it with a Camco Rhino Flex Sewer Hose.  We’ve heard good things about  it.  What we  especially like is although the hose extends to 15 feet long, you can retract it down to 56 inches and make it rigid.  No more snaking the too long hose around to the dump valve.  The connections come already attached and you can buy additional 5 foot extension pieces that also have the fittings pre-attached.  Here is a short You Tube Video for anyone interested in a new sewer hose.

Time will tell how it works out, but we think we’ll like the fact that it can be made rigid.  The one we have now snakes around all over the place and won’t stay on the slinky sewer support.

The weather here in Florida has been beautiful with clear sunny skies and warm temps.  Unfortunately the warm temps have been getting a little bit too warm and we’ve had to start running the a/c most of the afternoon.  The evenings are still very cool, so we enjoy being able to leave the windows open over night.  It also makes for nice evenings outside under the patio.  I’m not complaining (much), but I really prefer it a little cooler so we don’t have to use the a/c.


  1. Glad to hear about your kitties but I sure hope she continues to recover... We are dealing with a dog who has health issues and it is not fun. I agree with you about the AC... when it starts running I usually think of starting to run out of the Sunshine State... LOL
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. Glad to hear Squeaky is home and hope she continues to get better.

  3. Money well spent. I always told our vet in MT that we built their new wing for them with all our Scooter visits. I am so glad Squeaky is home. I know she will be so much happier and less stressed. Skittlez hates when her home is moving. If we never moved again, she would be happy.

  4. Great news to hear Squeaky is home and I sure hope she continues to improve.

  5. So! glad to hear you have Squeaky home again. You are a good mom.

  6. Good news on Squeaky. Have you guys tried the pheromone sprays or collars to calm your cats while you're traveling? We got a dvd when we adopted Bentley that recommended it. I haven't bought any yet, but was planning on it before we hit the road again. I'm interested in how well it works, so any information you have would be helpful.


  7. As you may recall we have not had any pets for almost two years. I used to see at least $500 per month in pets expenses. More when the dog had some real crisis with the diabetes.

    I miss them and would love to have a kitten, but because of our RV plans I'm not getting anymore pets.

    Maybe I'm selfish or something.

  8. Glad to hear your pets are home for everyone's sake. Nothing beats the unconditional love of a furr baby, be it a cat or a dog.

    Praying for continued health for your pets.

    Like you we would do anything for our pets....its being a responsible pet owner.

  9. So glad that Squeaky is doing better and that you were able to bring her home. We know all about high vet bills to, having had one last fall with Whiskey, but they are part of the family and worth it.

    We have one of those Rhino flex hoses too and Kevin thinks it works great and is so happy that we got it.

    Kevin and Ruth


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