Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meeting Blogger Friends – New Clothesline

We have been corresponding with fellow bloggers John and Carol Herr and finally were able to meet them in person.  Their blog is Our Trip Around the Sun.

They are new full timers, and are definitely enjoying their new life style.   They sold their home in May but had to wait a few months until they could retire.  They finally were able to start traveling in November and have been going ever since! 

We finally were able to arrange our schedules and we got to meet them on Monday.  They were staying nearby at the  Lazy Days Campground, so we met over there on Valentines Day and took advantage of the free lunch!  We’re still trying to make up for that $652 bill for the slide topper awnings :)  Lunch was meatloaf, green beans, and rice and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  It was pretty good!  Carol warned me not to take the strawberry shortcake because she had a red velvet cake at the rv…but I couldn’t resist those fresh strawberries.  I was sure I could muster up the room for the cake (and I did). 

Carol and John

Carol and John Herr

They gave us a tour of their beautiful Newmar Dutch Star.   This model is just what we want and would be perfect for us.  We loved everything about it from the colors to the layout.  It’s a 40 footer and we’re thinking that is the perfect full timing size.  Yes…we had a bad case of “rig envy.”

Carol and John have a sweet dog named Jimmy.  He’s  a King Charles Cavalier.  Isn’t he cute?

Jimmy - King Charles Spaniel


We spent several hours with John and Carol and really enjoyed getting to know them.  It’s amazing how much you find to talk about with people you never met before!  They are quite busy this month and are now in  Ocala, which is just 100 miles north of us.  They had read my blog about paddling the Silver River and were anxious to try it.  We were going to try to get together and meet them there, but we’re not sure we can make it.  If not, we’ll find another time to paddle with them I’m sure.  They’re heading to Georgia for the Perry FMCA rally in mid March, so it’ll have to be before that.  After that they will head towards Colorado where they will be working in Cripple Creek.  I’m sure looking forward to reading their blog as they explore about that area. 

Thanks Carol and Joyn for the good company and cake….we really enjoyed meeting you!


New Clothesline

Our neighbor behind us had made a handy little clothes line that hooks right onto the ladder.  The t picture below is their clothesline.

PVC clothesline

I convinced Al I needed one and me made it for me.

Here is a picture of the one Al made for me.   The long arms hook over the ladder step and the square pvc part rests on another ladder rung.  Clothesline is strung back and forth so that you can hang quite a few items.

clothesline clothesline

Our neighbor had pvc pipe left over that he gave us so all we had to buy was the connections.  It is nice for damp towels and some clothes that I don’t like to put in a dryer the entire time.

Yesterday, I spent the day taking Mom to her doctor appointments.  She had an appointment with a Pulmonogist.  The doctor listened to her breathing, asked a few questions and recommended she get a lung function test.  He felt she had COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).  She has never smoked but has lived most of her life with a smoker.  She also had a severe case of sleep apnea.  The doctor told her she had “the perfect storm” to cause COPD. 

She was able to get the lung function test done yesterday, but we had to go over to the hospital for that.  Evidently it’s a treatable condition, so we’re hoping this will help her.  She has been a little better since she got the CPAP machine for the sleep apnea, but it may take some time to reverse some of the problems the sleep apnea caused.  Anyway, we are a little more optimistic now.

After my day running Mom around with the doctor appointments I came home and felt real tired and I ached all over.  Uh oh.   I went to bed early and was hoping I’d feel better this morning.  Unfortunately this morning I didn’t feel much better so I took a few aspirin and popped some Echinacea.  I think the aspiring has helped, so hopefully I’m not getting sick!  I don’t have time!

Our cool spell is over and we’re expecting temps up to 75-80 the rest of the week.  Careful now…I don’t want to have to turn on the a/c!  The weather is just too nice to be sick.  I am not sick.  I am not sick.  I am not sick!


  1. Thats a great idea on the clothes line. I will put that in my file.

  2. You are not sick. You are not sick. Especially since I'm sending you our beautiful weather we've been having here.

  3. I hope it is not the crud I picked up. I am just getting rid of it after two weeks.

    Always nice to met follow bloggers.

  4. Must be the season for meeting fellow bloggers. Today Barbie and I rode with Charley & Sherry over to meet Duane & Debbie in Leesburg for lunch. All 6 of us met the first time at the Lakeland Smokey Bones lunch but never really got to chat. It's great to be able to meet like that. Stay healthy !

  5. Glad to see you met up with John and Carol as I read their blog daily!

    I'd have gone for the strawberries too even though another dessert was on the horizon!

  6. Love the clothes line. I read their blog too and love the photos of Jimmy. We had a Cavalier so those photos make me think of him. They are such sweet dogs.

  7. I have loved just about every 40 footer I have seen! Craig thinks thats the right size as well so we are on the same page. But some dies I think a nice 29 footer would be a great start for the first year because I rely want to go coast to coast and it might be more economical to drive.

    Hummm, that might be a subject for some research. Milage!

  8. Jimmy is THE cutest dog! Especially that close up sweet face. I've always had beagles (about 6 pair to date) and loved them but might just change my mind with my next friend.

    The monkeys are still there. We didn't see them but sure heard them howling back in late October when we kayaking the river.

    We've always just strung a clothesline between two trees and hung out anything we needed. It has worked very well. But I may look into this one. Although I think my tree line has more space. Thanks for the pictures.


  9. Ohhh I could not pass up those big huge Florida strawberries either!

    Glad your mom is getting some answers!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. Ohhh I could not pass up those big huge Florida strawberries either!

    Glad your mom is getting some answers!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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