Saturday, February 05, 2011

Rainy Day

Sweetwater Rv Park - Zephyrhills, Florida

It's been cloudy here the past few days but the temperature has been getting into the upper 70's, and only dropping into the 60 at night.  It makes for wonderful sleeping with the windows open.  I love when you don't have to use your a/c or heat!  We haven't even minded the cloudy weather because it's so much better than home, or most of the rest of the country.  We are so glad we decided to come to Florida for the winter.  We'd forgotten how much better the weather is here than south Georgia.

Today,  the clouds turned into rain though and we've had some rain off and on during the day.  So leaking slides.  The temperature dropped about 10 degrees once the rain came and our weather should be a little cooler for the next few days.  That's okay though, compared to what others are dealing with, we can certainly handle temperatures in the 60's.

This morning, we took our kitty Socks into the vet for fluids.  She has thyroid and kidney problems so they are giving her fluids to help the kidneys.  She's  19 years old, so she needs a little extra care.  We found a very good local vet that is not only good and caring, but reasonably priced.  I kind of hate to leave them!

On the way home from the vet, we stopped for a few groceries for Superbowl tomorrow and picked up a movie at Redbox.  It's a George Clooney movie called  "The American."  Not a good choice!  I'm glad we didn't pay more than $1.00 because it wasn't worth it.

We came home, cleaned up around the house and defrosted the freezer. It was getting pretty icey, but it only took a few minutes with the help of the hair dryer.  We planned on also defrosting our freezer, but it just never quite happened.  Maybe tomorrow!


  1. I don't know why, but I've always been told NEVER use a hair dryer with heat to defrost the freezer, something to do with potential melting of internal plastic parts or thermal shock to the unit or something. I still use one but without the heat on, it seems to move the warm air in the motor and makes it much faster.

  2. We paid full price, well, senior price, for that movie. We felt the same's an "artsy" movie and VERY dark.

  3. Rained most of the day up here in Crystal River as well-I've played 4 rounds of golf....on the computer. But, yes, gimme this weather compared to the rest of the country.

  4. No leaks! That's great news. Sorry your kitty is having problems. But a vet you like is such a find.

  5. PalmsRV..
    Oops. I hope I didn't hurt anything. Next time I'll just use air!

  6. Hi - we also were 'duped' on that movie, The American. It was really boring and not at all what we expected. Got ours from Redbox, too (on Saturday! LOL) and glad it was only $1!


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