Monday, January 03, 2011

Visit With Friends and Another Lesson Learned

Yesterday was an odd day, weather wise.  There was a front heading across the peninsula of Florida, so we had clouds most of the day.  It started out very warm and I nearly turned on the a/c. Later it got a little cool before it warmed back up again.  We had some light mist several times during the day, but only for a brief time.

We attempted put out the awning and planned to sit outside with our visitors.  We hadn't had the awning up for a while and noticed a problem with it right away.  We couldn't get it to roll back up for some reason.  A neighbor we had never met before came up with a ladder and the offer of help.  How nice!  Jack (the neighbor) and his wife are here from Indiana in their motor home.  It turns out he recently had a problem with the spring on his awning and had ordered a new one.  He was able to fix his without the new spring, but showed us what it looked like.  He offered the use of his ladder and assistance when we decide to fix it.  About that time our guests arrived, so we just got the awning rolled back up.  We'll sure take Jack up on his offer of help!

We sat outside and visited with our guests for a few hours.  The weather kept changing and it got pretty cool for a little while, then the sun started to come back out and it warmed up again.

I have been warning Al to be careful with electrical cords in the motor home so that the cats don't get caught in them.  I know he thinks I'm too big of a worrier, but today I was proven right.  I came inside for a minute and I  happened to notice Al had his cell phone charging on the nightstand by his side of the bed.  The cord is pretty long and fairly thin.  I went over to tuck in the extra cord so that no one could get tangled in it.  When I did that I noticed Dolly Parton (cat) was sitting there and she had the cord wrapped completely around her neck!  I called Al to come see it.   She wasn't in any danger and I know he'd never believe me if he didn't see it with his own eyes!  I hope it made an impression on him and he'll quit leaving cords loose like that.  Dolly is a large cat and could have easily have pulled the cord from the wall, but then she could have easily gotten the end tangled somewhere and have died trying to pull free.   Years ago my Mom had a cat get tangled in a lamp cord and nearly died.  It's something to watch for dogs as well.  They would panic and could really get themselves in a bad situation.  That's one reason I don't leave the cats without at least having someone to come in and check up on them.

Poor Al missed his Bucs football game again.  Most every week there has been a local blackout so he couldn't see the game.    He intended to Tivo it, but it was only on the over the air channel (no Tivo) and it was only playing on the DNS west coast feed!   Directv has made some changes and when we got our DNS service set up they quit offering both east and west coast feeds for new customers!  We didn't really know why we would need both feeds anyway, but yesterday we found out!  Oh well, at least the Bucs won!

Our only plans for today are to make a trip to Sam's Club. It's still dark, so I don't know what kind of day we'll have.  Sunny I hope!


  1. Your cat, Dolly, must have heard you warning Al about the cords and decided to take matters into her own hands for a demo!

  2. Thats also a good reason NOT to have collars on outdoor cats unless they are the breakaway type.

    Yes I know, all cats should be indoors, but some do have jobs to do catching rodents large and small.


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