Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rainy Day

We had planned on driving over to Orlando to meet with Al's cousin and his wife yesterday.  However when we got up, it started raining pretty hard and it looked like we would have a stormy drive across the state.

We postponed our visit and it's a good thing we did because our leaky slide was still leaking...a lot.  We keep  thinking we have found the leak and have it fixed, but then the next time it rains, we still have a leak.  We're now thinking the gaskets may need to be replaced.  Usually when we pull in the bedroom slide, the leak stops, but not yesterday.  On top of the bedroom leak, our front window by the drivers seat leaked.  There is a track that has little holes for the water to run out.  We keep them cleaned out, but yesterday the water in the track was coming through the screw holes that hold the window into the frame.  That was a new one~  We tried to tighten the screws but that didn't help.  We used some tape around the screws and hoped that would help.  It slowed the leak down, but didn't stop it.  After it quit raining, Al put some silicone caulk (goober) on the screws and hopefully that will solve the problem.  Al got on the roof and checked out the gasket.  We sprayed on some rubber seal conditioner on all the rubber and cleaned out the track.  We don't know what else to do.  We're going to call Lazy Days and see how soon (yeah right) they can get us in for service.  It doesn't look like it's something we will be able to handle ourselves.

So today, we're again planning on driving over to Orlando and meeting with his cousin.  They are on a three week bus trip from North Dakota, to Orlando, Space Coast, St Augustine, Savannah, Ga and lots of other places.  They have a pretty busy schedule and a little busy for my taste, but it seems like a nice trip.  They'll be ready for a vacation when they get home.  Of course in North Dakota in the winter, they have lots of time to relax!


  1. I was thinking about you driving in the rain yesterday... Glad you posponed your trip! Hope you find all your leaks I know what a pain that is!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  2. Leaks are not fun to deal with. I hope you are able to find the cause of it and get it fixed.

    Have fun meeting up with Al's cousin and wife.

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. Leaks are the most frustrating upkeep in an rv in my opinion. Like you, you chalk one place thinking it is gone but nooooo. I'll be interested to see what kind of timeline Lazydays gives you to get an appt. Keep us posted.

  4. Leaks are a real pain. When we had one in our old 5'er, we had all the seals and gaskets on the slide replaced and that solved the problem completely. Sometimes, just replacing the seals is way easier than trying to find the exact leak spot. Good thing is they are not all that expensive.

  5. WOW! Water inside!

    Hope you can find where it is leaking and get it fixed without a lot of stress.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn & Denise

  6. So sorry to hear about leaking problems. They are the worst. Really hoping you get it taken care of with as little trouble as possible.

  7. When I lived in Green Bay, we used to call a local Mexican restaurant for take out orders. He always said *SEVEN MINUTES* and always when we got there, he would insist that we order a drink while we wait for our takeout order, because it wasn't done yet.
    His way to make a few extra bucks on a drink, and I am sure our order was not started on until we actually came through the door. The food was great and the prices cheap, so we didn't mind so much.
    Karen and Steveio
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Rick
    It's nice to hear having the seals and gaskets replaced fixed your slide leak problem. Do you recall how much it cost? I was thinking it would be very expensive.


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