Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lazy Days Campground

Before all the drama with our missing cat, we took the time to check out the campground at  Lazy Days.  As many times as we’ve been there, we just never got over to the campground.

One of the main reasons we never went there was because of the rates.  They range from $29.99 – $34.99 per night, depending on the season.  You can only stay 14 days and there are no discounts that I could find.

We got a coupon for a free stay while we were at the rv show, so maybe we’ll get there one day.

One thing Al really liked was the box with free newspapers right by the clubhouse!  I guess you can get free delivery at your campsite too.



It’s very nice and everything is beautifully maintained. 


The pool is a very large caged and heated pool and there is a hot tub as well. The pool was warm too.  Some of these “heated” pools were not heated enough for me.  I don’t consider 80 heated!  I’m a 90’s kind of girl!

In Florida most everyone has a caged pool.  It cuts way down in maintenance and makes for a nice addition to your house.  I haven’t seen this done much in other areas. 


The campground area is nice.  The sites are fairly large for this type of campground and all are full hook up.



The usual shuffleboard  courts.


The clubhouse is huge and set up for rally’s. 


Inside the clubhouse, they are building a “motor home” that will be a snack bar.  It’s an actual replica of a motor home complete with slide outs.  It appears to be made of the exact same things an actual rv is made of.  It’ll be interesting to see it when it’s finished.  You can see it in the picture below…its quite large.


We spent yesterday getting settled into our new campsite.  As I mentioned, we weren’t too happy with the campsite we had chosen because of the traffic going through all the time.  Our site was an overflow site and kind of in a large empty lot behind the maintenance shed.  It was our fault for picking this site, but we never dreamed there would be so much traffic in the site.  The people in the park models aren’t rv people and do not respect a campsite.    They are used to having this lot for parking, dog walking, turning around and driving through and just because there is a motor home there, they are not going to change their ways.  They were very nice people, but we just got tired of this.  We didn’t want to start a war, so we just kept our mouths shut.

The park we were in was a “Carefree Resorts” park and we found another Carefree park a few miles away.  It was a little more expensive, but had a row of strictly rv’s.  We put down a deposit and intended to move there.

When we went to the office of the park to notify them we were leaving, we very nicely mentioned that we didn’t like the spot we were in because it was like grand central station.  They understood and were aware of how the park model people  behave and has told them numerous times not to park in rv sites.  She says in some of this type of park the park model people are quite nasty to the rv people!  That wasn’t the case here, thank goodness.

Anyway, she said there was now a new site open, and that we could have it if we wanted.  She could get with the other Carefree park and get our deposit moved over.  We looked at the site and it was perfect.

It’s in a row of strictly rv’s.  We are on the end and in full sun.  Perfect, so we moved there.

It was only about 2 blocks from the old site, but immediately we felt a different vibe.   It was definitely the easiest move we’ve ever done!

Best of all this morning, there is no one driving, walking their dog or parking in our site! 

We’re happy campers again!

Oh yeah…before we moved I discovered a little secret that a more honest person might have reported.  There is one dryer in the laundry room that doesn’t take your quarters!  Yeah….free dryer!


  1. I love the caged pool. What a great idea. You don't find that much out here in the southwest.

    Glad you got moved to another spot. Having people violating your site gets old immediately. Enjoy the sunshine.

  2. Glad you found the "perfect" spot!!

  3. Thanks for the tour of the campground, it looks like a pretty nice place. I liked the pool too, it's a lot better with all that sunlight.

  4. Nice place to stay if you can avoid the temptation of all those new RV's :)

  5. Last week when I net to visit levonne I almost cut across an RV space when going from where I had parked to her fifth wheel.

    Then I remembered it was not proper park behavior, and walked around.

    I would have never known this was rude if I hadn't read the blogs.

    Maybe these people are just unaware.

  6. Glad you found a better spot. :)

  7. Thanks so much for the great tour of Lazy Days. I've always wondered what it would be like. I love the pool.

    I'm glad you found a new site without a whole lot of fuss.


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