Sunday, January 23, 2011

Slide Repairs, Cold Weather and an Education From Canadians

We had heavy rain two nights this week and with our leaking bedroom slide it was not what we wanted to see.

We were hoping not to get any more rain until we were able to get the motor home into Lazy Days for repairs.  The other morning we were awakened by the sound of rain.  We quickly jumped out of bed and pulled in the bedroom slide.  Fortunately this time there were no leaks with the slide it.

Today we take it into Lazy Days and I'm hopeful we won't have the "B" team doing the repairs and they'll get it repaired correctly so we won't have to do it again.  With animals, it's not real easy making arrangements to take your home in for repairs.

We got up early this morning with a little of a surprise.  A cold front moved in and it was supposed to get down to the low 30's last night.  We decided not to unhook the water hose.  When we woke up our thermometer said it was 23 degrees!  The weather on my Droid phone said it was 33.  Al went out and unhooked the water hose and we put another thermometer out. was actually 23 degrees.  Another lesson it's close to freezing, unhook the hose.  Fortunately it didn't freeze or split.

The other night Al and I got to talking to one of our many Canadian neighbors.   This place is more of a mobile home/snowbird park than an rv park and many of the mobile homes are owned by Canadians.  There are a few rv sites mixed in with the mobile homes.  There are a LOT of Canadians here, many from New Brunswick and Ontario.  We got quite an education from him on Canadians...are you ready Rick?

Al asked him if there were any French Canadians here and he replied, " oh no, we wouldn't allow them."  What?  This neighbor is from New Brunswick, many others are from Ontario.  He went on to say that they didn't like the French Canadians and they had their own park.  I did not know that.  It's a good thing we didn't accidentally get into a French Canadian park because we might not like them either??   He said they are kind of demanding and get mad that Americans don't speak French like they do.  We found it very interesting because as Americans, we kind of lump all Canadians together and apparently they are not all the same!  This is just what he told us and we have never met any French Canadians, so we certainly aren't judging anyone but we just found it interesting.  He went on to explain their Canadian Health Care system and he couldn't understand why a country as big as the United States couldn't provide health care as well.  It was an interesting conversation, but boy were we surprised when he told us they wouldn't allow people from Quebec!  He did say there was one guy in the park, but he was okay, so they allowed him here :)

We are leaving this park on the 29th and moving to another one in the area.  We chose this site because it is open large and completely sunny.  We wanted lots of sun and no shade to help keep it warm on those cooler days.  We are near the maintenance shed but thought the workers would come in the morning, get their equipment and then leave.  It turns out the maintenance men tend to hang out by the shed most of the day and we most always have people right outside our rear window.  It's a bit annoying that we can't even leave our shades open.  Also the people in the mobile homes (those darn Canadians) use our "campsite" as a parking lot and drive through.  They are not rv'ers and don't understand a person's  campsite should be respected!

We are tired of people walking right by the motor home, cars driving by and parking right in front of and beside us.  We have a rental car parked in front of us now that we don't know who it belongs to.  We won't be able to pull out forward to leave today, with the car parked there!  Anyway, we have a reservation for the 29th at another park where the rv's are separated from the mobile homes and there is a privacy fence behind the site.  We may just go there when Lazy Days gets finished with the repairs instead of coming back here for a few nights then having to move all over again.  We like our neighbors and they are all nice people, but I wish they would respect our campsite a little!


  1. As Canadians who grew up in Ontario on the the boarder of Quebec, we can tell you that it is true that Quebecers in general are a different breed, but that most of it relates to language. Their politics don't make a lot of friends in the rest of Canada, so that's an issue as well. Really, they should be a different country.

    There is nothing worse than an RV park where the people don't respect your campsite. One of the reasons we don't often do "RV parks" as such.

  2. After ten years of full timing We have learned that you do not want to be anywhere near the FRENCH Canadians, when we call a park for reservations I always ask if they have a large population of FC's if they do we pass. They are the rudest, nastiest group of people we have ever come across, they will do things on purpose just to piss you off. Now the REAL Canadians are some of the nicest people you will ever come across, I lived in a border town and spent every summer growing up in Canada and loved it, but the french are a different story.

  3. That is what happened to us in FL last year. We ended up in a park that was 90% French Canadian and we hated it. They were rude, wouldn't speak to us or even acknowledge us and certainly wouldn't speak English to us. It was horrible. And I would definitely be moving if people were always using our campsite for driving or walking through. That should not be allowed anywhere.

  4. Wow, and I thought our 39 was cold! We both need to move further south.

    Interesting info about Canadians.

  5. I have to disagree strongly with the previous comment from Kevin and Ruth. Quebec is part of Canada, always has been and I hope always will be. Personally, I value the French Canadian heritage, have a lot of French Canadian friends and find them to be no different than any other Canadian friends - except they know another language and have a few different traditions. Nothing wrong with that.

    As far as French Canadians wanting Americans to speak French - I've never, ever heard of that before - it sounds completely made up to me.

    When Canada was formed, there were 2 founding nationalities - English and French. Both were guaranteed equal status. I like that and still do. Some folks, however, want to renege on the deal because of bigotry etc. It seems that you may have a few in the park you are staying in.

    Rather than give in to these folks, however, our Canadian politicians have reinforced the equal status of both founding nations and that's a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

    So, as you can see by now, Canadians cannot be lumped 'altogether'. Like Americans, we all have different and sometimes opposing views.

  6. I like the way a Canadian friend explained the health care debate. In the US, health care is considered to be a commodity whereas it's considered to be a right up there. I like that analogy. Think about our public education system (no it's not perfect either). I don't have kids but I don't mind some of my taxes going into the school system to educate my neighbors kids. I believe society is better off with educated people. I also believe society is better off with healthier people so I wouldn't mind having some of my taxes cover health care. It's a basic human right.

  7. Thank goodness we don't have inconsiderate neighbors like you do near us......someone would have to go,,,probably me. Where you going next?

  8. Just one more thought on this topic of Canada and French Canadians in particular.

    One only has to look at the list of Canadian soldiers killed in the ongoing Afghanistan war and see the large number of French Canadians who have died serving their country, to realize that French Canadians are "real Canadians"!!

    To denigrate an entire group of people based on somewhat biased perceptions of an extremely minuscule group of RV'ers is, I think, rather shameful.

    I just hope that folks reading these comments realize that Canadians, as a whole, have consistently shown in poll after poll that we support both our English and French heritage. It's a founding part of our nation and while a vocal minority may disagree, the overwhelming majority of Canadians strongly oppose Quebec separation.

    And, by the way, Quebecers have also voted, in referendums, not to separate from Canada. Amen to that!

  9. Hope you get your slide issue fixed...glad we only got down to 30 last night here in Clermont. Phew!!

    See you on the 31st...hope you find a good park to move to!

  10. Many things regarding Quebec that we could argue about here Rick, but it's not really the place.

    One thing I have to call you out on though...

    Quebecers have also voted, in referendums, not to separate from Canada

    You can't make that statement without telling the whole story...

    In the last referendum in 1995, the "no" side voted 50.58%, while the "yes" side voted 49.42%. Out of 4.7 million votes, it was essentially a tie. The majority of French Quebecers actually voted FOR separation.

  11. Hmmmm, I am French Canadian - speak and write English and French fluently. Although I am a third generation French Canadian, I was born, raised and have lived my entire life in western Canada - mainly on the west coast - Pacific Ocean. I have travelled widely all over the world. I have also travelled many times into Quebec.

    As to your conversation with your neighbour and his comments - albeit small minded - I have to say that by and large, Quebecers are wonderful folks. Sadly, your neighbour may have encountered a few bad souls but I too have encountered a few bad non-French Canadians, English Canadians, and Americans. I never let a few bad apples spoil my belief in the common good of people.

    Please do not judge Quebecers from the experience of a few bad apples. Your neighbour needs a solid reality check. He/she needs to spend some time in Quebec....or perhaps at least read a bit more Canadian history.

    Ho hum.....!

  12. I think most folks have a leaking slide story. We have had them worked on several times. I would say most of the time they are now tight.

    Hope the repair works this time. Given some of the folks I have seen work on our coach, it owuld be a step up to the B team.


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