Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Florida Rv Supershow

We decided today would be the best day to go to the Tampa Rv show.  We're sure it will be very crowded, so we intend to get there when it opens and try to get through the booths before it gets too bad.

Our cold front is here and it is 39 degrees out.  It might be a little chilly at the show today, but it was the best day for us to go.

I just checked my lottery tickets to see if there was a winner hiding anywhere.  I would hate to go to the rv show and not know I was a millionaire!

I know a lot of other bloggers will be at the show today, so maybe we'll run into someone we "know."


  1. What fun! Looking forward to your report about the show and will be interesting who you find there as well.

  2. Dress warmly and who knows? Maybe tomorrow you'll be telling us all about your new, beautiful Motorhome?

  3. Wish I were going to be there too even though 39 doesn't sound a lot warmer than the 35 we have here in Virginia although you probably don't have the 28 mpg wind gusts making it feel like it's in the teens.

    I'll be checking back for your report on the show.


  4. Sounds like fun, but since it is too far away for us, we are safe from making another big purchase.

  5. There's a show going on not to far from here this week as well, but I just have to much going on to take a "dream day."

  6. Brrrrr. Sounds like you have the cold weather the west cost had a few weeks ago. Enjoy the show!

  7. The RV show is in Green Bay next weekend too. We wander up and down and in and out of the rigs, but never see anything better than what we have. We go home with smiles and our checkbook intact. LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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