Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rain and Cold Front Coming

Yesterday we checked out a few more rv parks in this area.  We've about decided to hang around the Tampa area through February because Mom is still having those "spells" and we're concerned about her.  She is on the new sleep apnea machine, and we're hoping it will help, but she's still having these bad spells.  We're thinking that since she has picked up a cold, she may still be breathing through her mouth at night and the machine isn't helping her.  The CPAP machine she is using only covers her nose.  I did a little internet research and found they make masks that cover the nose only, mouth and nose or full face mask.  We're thinking she may need a mouth and nose mask.  The doctor wants to see how she does after she gets rid of the cold.

There are a LOT of senior mobile home/rv parks in this area and they are mostly full.  Many of them have converted over to strictly snowbird mobile home parks and most have more mobile homes than rv's.   I think many of these people used to be rv'ers but as they aged, they traded in the rv for a mobile home. They own the mobile home, but rent the lot.  From what we've seen, the average annual rent is between $2500-$3000.  You can buy a mobile home fairly cheap.  It's really a pretty inexpensive way for them to spend the winters in warmer weather.  The problem is you have no control on the rent and they can sell the park and you'd end up with a mobile home with no place to park it.  It's happened to many people in Florida.  With the real estate market like it is now, I don't think it's as big of a concern as it was a few years ago.

We found two other parks that we like, but only one has an opening.  Yes...it's very busy here in the winter.  It's amazing the peninsula of Florida doesn't just sink right into the ocean!  Maybe that's why we get these sinkholes! Too many snowbirds!  

I think we're going to move to Waters Edge Rv Resort.  We don't have the best site here.  It's large and sunny, but we're right by the maintenance shed.  We knew that going in, but we didn't know the guys would constantly be hanging around the shed.  We have no privacy out our back window.  Waters Edge has a nice site available in an area where there are only Rv's.  It's in the sunshine, there is a fence behind the site (privacy) and a dog walk/park like setting behind the fence.  It's only $465 a month, so the price is right.  It's nothing fancy, but seems to be a decent place.  It's not a resort or park like setting like Rick and Paulette, but it'll work for us for  now.

We got some pretty heavy rain yesterday and today we're expecting a cold front.  We should get to the upper 60's today, but the next few days we won't get out of the 50's.  Of course it's just in time for the Rv show which starts tomorrow!

Howard and Linda managed to get some tickets to the Rv show and were nice enough to share them, so we have free tickets.  Thanks Howard and Linda.  We're not sure when we'll be able to go though.  We were hoping for a warm day!

Al is off doing some pest control business, so I have the rv to myself.  I plan to do some house cleaning after I have my coffee time and phone time with my friend in Arkansas!    It's going to be kind of nice to have some alone time :)  


  1. I lived in a manufactured home in a senior park in California. You are right, the rent keeps going up and the rules keep changing. You can't keep your price up because when the kids folks pass on, the kids can't pay the rent and dump the mobiles. I had a quite lovely 1700 sq ft home, so almost broke even, but some were dumping for 20k that were purchased for 100k. It's truly a racket and hard on people.

  2. Hope your weather improves for you. We're having weather in the 70's this week here in Yuma. It's wonderful.

  3. Good luck with your RV park search. Hope you enjoy your quiet day and alone time too, I know I always do especially when the weather isn't all that great.

  4. I hear the weather in Georgia is pretty bad this week. Bet you're glad to be in Florida!


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