Friday, April 30, 2010

An Eventful Few Days

We are having such a nice time here at Keaton Beach, that we decided to extend our stay an extra night.
The other night we were outside when I felt the familiar feeling of a cat rubbing my leg. It took a second to realize that isn’t supposed to happen.  Our cats do NOT go outside and one must have escaped! I looked down to see one of our cats beside me. and I panicked.  I made a quick grab for that cat, knowing I would probably have one chance to catch it.  The cat panicked and  started fighting me and then bit down hard on my arm.  At that point I made the decision to let it go.  Al ran inside to do a quick head count,  and he confirmed our 4 were  accounted for.  Of course I had to go inside and do my own count.  Yep, all there, so that explained why that cat bit me :)  It wasn’t mine!  The poor cat was frightened when  some crazy lady suddenly grabs him!  I went back outside, and called  “kitty, kitty” and he came right up to me and rolled!  He forgave me, and of course I forgave him because it really wasn’t his fault.  We checked with the owner and confirmed it was her cat, and he had his shots.  I doctored my arm and then had to laugh at the situation.
Anyway enough excitement for that day.

Yesterday we got up early and went for a kayak paddling trip.  We stored the kayaks on the dock right outside our front window, so it was an easy launch.

Keaton Beach consists of one main street, which leads to a point which has a pretty beach park.
There is a picnic pavilion and restrooms.
There is a long pier right next to the channel.
The beach here the best is gets in Keaton Beach because this area sits in the middle of the Oyster beds. There are no white sandy beaches, but it is a very quaint and laid back town and we love it here. The people are very friendly, both the residents and the visitors.

The next few photos are from our kayak trip. 
Al was trying to be a good Samaritan and pick up a floating beer can. He leaned a little too far and this is where it got him!
Unfortunately he had his binoculars around his neck.  You can see how deep the water was.
We walked up towards the park last night for some sunset photos.  There were a few palm trees that I felt would make for some good photos.
What do you think?

Image068 Image069
Notice how the sun appears to melt into the ocean?
Once the sun set, we went back to the RV and took a few pictures right out of our front window.  The tide was going out to expose the oyster beds.


  1. Great pics of Keaton Beach esp. the sunset pics! That looks like the kind of place we like to visit. We love laid back!

    Watch your cat bite area. One trip to the ER when one of our barn cats bit hubby. Watch for red marks coming out of the wound. The doctor told us the best thing to do when bitten is to wash the area with soap and hot water really good. If red marks appear, get to the doctor/hospital/ER.

  2. Thanks to all for your concern about the cat bite. I am aware of cat scratch fever and have been watching the wounds. I heal fast and the ugly deep bite marks are almost redness or marks going up my arm, so I think I'm okay.

  3. Wow! The sunset photos are great.
    Will have to put this park on our wish list.

  4. Heheee you Big Mean Kitty Snatcher!

    Glad the cat forgave you, and you found out it's health condition from the owner. If it had been a stray, you would be in for a lot of pain and shots.

    Love your pics of the area, and hope to check that out next winter perhaps.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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