Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning

We had been having temperatures approaching 90 degrees so it was good timing to wash the motorhome.
On Wednesday, we decided to start with  the rubber roof.  Al used a specific RV Rubber roof cleaner last year and it worked great on the roof, but when it ran down the sides it caused some streaks that we couldn’t remove.
We had read that Spic n Span worked good for the job so we decided to try that.  I couldn’t find the powder type like I remembered from years ago, so we got the liquid.  It worked pretty well, since the roof wasn’t very dirty.
We also cleaned the awning and got it looking real good.
Our next project was to start applying Poli-Glow.  It was a product we had purchased from the Tampa RV show.  I tried little spot on the Rv a few months ago and it seemed to work well.  Anyway, we got the back done and the bedroom slide.  It’s a project that you have to do one section at a time.  You have to put 4-6 coats of Poli-Glow on once you clean it with their special cleaner, so it’s a bit time consuming.  Anyway, we got started and intended to do some more on Thursday.  Unfortunately, we ran errands Thursday and never got back to it.  Then on Friday, the cold front had moved in and with the strong breeze, it was way too cool to be playing in the water.
We’ll see what today brings.  I sure don’t want to do it unless that breeze quits…just too cold. 
I will try to take some before and after pictures.  The Poli-Glow really gives you a great shine.  It’s like a floor wax or a clear coat product.  I did a search and found another product. I think it may be similar to the Poli-Glow.  This is it.  I noticed the application and cleaner tools look very similar.  It's made for boat fiberglass projects, so it may work well, but I haven't tried it.    Vertglas Gel Coat Restoration System

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