Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Streaming Movies Through Wii

We just got our disc for our Wii Player that will allow us to stream movies directly from Netflix. It' works similar to the Roku box we have, but it was free!

I was able to easily set it up without aggravation!

You can use your Wii remote to select and watch movies that you have chosen through Netflix.  It works well.  You can still stream movies from Netflix by connecting an HDMI cable, but you have to use your computer to select, play, pause, and stop playing.  The Wii or Roku box is so much more convenient.

You initially go to Netflix through your computer.  There are some 10,000 movies, TV series, documentaries, or Imax programs available. You select as many as you want and Netflix will offer suggestions, based on what you choose.  You find programs you never knew existed.

Then you use your Wii remote to select and play the movie or program you want.  Once you have these movies set in your "Queue" you don't even have to turn on your computer...they're just there in your Wii or  Roku  box  and all for only $9 monthly!

We found a Tv series we had never watched, but have gotten hooked on.  Friday Night Lights.  It's about a small Texas town that is addicted to high school football.  It's kind of a soap opera with football.  The football part got Al interested and now we are both hooked on it.  The nice thing is we can watch an hour show in about 45 minutes (no commercials) and we can watch the next show whenever we want...not having to wait until next week.  Come to find out, it's been on a few years and I think Netflix has 4 seasons available to stream :)

Still haven't figured out how to bring it with us when we go camping though!  It's not like we watch a lot of TV, but after a day hiking and kayaking, it's nice to watch a little Tv before we pass out!

Just found a Randy Travis concert on Netflix that I'm now watching!  He's always been one of my favorites.


  1. Wow! You are amazing at figuring out all the opportunities you have for watching movies. I rarely watch movies, but if I did I sure would be using Netflix.

    Looking forward to reading about your upcoming camping trip. Hope you have good weather.

  2. Yeah Margie, when we're camping I want ALL of my toys and technology! After a day kayaking or hiking I want to relax with a little TV.


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