Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why Get a TPMS

This post on Rv-Net Forum was what finally convinced us to bite the bullet and buy our Tire Pressure Monitoring system. It is a sad story, but one that can help educate us all and hopefully prevent others from the same fate.

Some of you may have missed it, so I decided to put the link here.   They determined the rig blew a right FRONT tire,  lost control, the coach burned and the three people inside were killed.  Very sad story, but it gives us something to think about and possibly learn from.

Some people suggested Steer Safe System

or a Safety Plus Front Stabilizer   may have helped keep the MH on the road in the event of a tire failure.  I checked two different systems out, and that will probably be something we will eventually have installed.  Of course all this takes money.  Evidently these systems help to keep the MH on the road in the event of a blowout or even an accident.

After reading about this accident, I wondered,  if  they had a TPMS on their coach,  would it have given them enough time to realize there was a problem and prepare for it?  Even a second or two could make the difference.

There were some other posts explaining what to do IF you have a front tire blowout.  I was a little surprised that they advised to stay on the accelerator!   After reading  this, and thinking about it, we are trying to keep this in our mind.  Please take the time to click on the above link and watch the video.  It was very informative! 

So Margie, maybe this is something you could show Roger to help him come around to your way of thinking about a TPMS!  They are on sale now at CW for $299 for 6 tires.  That would cover the MH and the toad can be seen in your rear view camera.  Al says what he thinks will be nice on the TPMS, is that he won't have to check the tire air pressure before we go on a trip. He will know what the air pressure is at all times!

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  1. Thanks for providing more info. I'll mention the steer safe concept to Roger. I did know to not hit the brake because that could cause a quick loss of control. That was a very sad story about the people who lost their lives.


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