Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Keaton Beach, Florida

We arrived at Old Pavilion Rv Park around 11 am.  It’s only about 100 miles and an easy drive.
We’re in site number 23, right on the Gulf of Mexico.  There aren’t too many waterfront sites, but a lot of non-waterfront sites.  Many of the sites have permanent rv’s on them for people that just come for the week-end. The fishing is supposed to be excellent here right off shore.
We were told low season rates were $35.  We called last week to make a reservation and were told to pay when we get here, check or cash, no credit cards.  It’s unusual nowadays not having to pay up front. There aren’t many of these kinds of places in business now, especially on the beach in Florida.
The lady that runs the place is very nice and easy to get along with.  It’s a very pet friendly place.  She has 3 dogs and a very cute kitty named Cotton.  I’ll have to post his picture later.  He has no tail…I would probably have named him Stumpy!
We set up, and when we went to pay, she asked if we were Passport America members.  We aren’t but she said she’d give us that rate anyway!  So instead of $35, we’re getting $20 per night!  Can’t beat that!  I guess we will join Passport America.  We never have because we usually camp at State Parks, but just coming here it will be a good savings.
The hook ups are all set up for backing into the site, but with a beautiful view of the Gulf, we wanted to pull in forward, so everything is on the wrong side. We needed an extension cord for the electric.  We haven’t even attempted to hook-up the sewer yet.  We may just run a gray water hose right into the sewer and just dump the black water before we leave.  It was worth the little inconvenience for this million dollar view right from the front window.
Here we are on the left.
The guy in the Minnie Winnie next door has been here fishing all month.  He gave Al some tips and even a few lures!  What a nice guy. He and his wife are from Tallahassee.
We were kind of tired after lunch, so we took the opportunity to try our our new bed (again). Boy do we love that bed!
The wind is strong today. The weather report says the winds are variable at 5mph.  I can tell you they are a lot more than variable.  I would have to believe the gusts are approaching gale force.  The motorhome has been rocking with many of these gusts.   We do have a wonderful breeze blowing in though!  It’s a little rough to kayak but hopefully this is just afternoon sea breezes and it will lay down soon.  We want to take some sunset pictures without blowing away.
The kitties are loving this nice breeze and were kind of surprised when they saw their new view!
There is a nice boat ramp which leads to a canal, which goes right into the gulf.  Of course we can put our kayaks in right in front of the campsite, although there are some large rocks to navigate around.
Right across the street there is a marina with convenience store.  You can buy the necessities, like beer, fishing equipment, ice cream and sun screen! 
If we don’t blow away tonight, I think we’re really going to like this place. 
They advertise cable tv and wifi, but neither are working right now.  No problem, we were able to get our Direct tv set up, but the wind has messed up our signal.  I just called Verizon and activated my tethering feature for my phone internet, so we’re good.  I’m sure once the wind dies down, we’ll be able to pick up our satellite tv again.  In the meantime, we have new books to read.  More later.


  1. Looks like a great place to camp. Great view. Yep, pulling in was a great idea - why waste that view. Tried to find a website for that park but couldn't find it. Sure can't beat $20 a night. We have Passport America and it definitely pays for itself IF you stay at their parks.

    How is the downsizing coming along? Still planning to be full-timers?

  2. Margie,
    Sorry, I forgot to link the campground on this post. It's linked now so you can find it easily.

    The downsizing isn't going as well as it should be! We still plan to fulltime, but probably not this year. We're pretty happy in our little half way house (half way to fulltiming), for a little while yet. We started to think about leaving our beautiful property and just don't think we are quite ready yet. Plus there is the animal issue! In the meantime, we are slowly trying to downsize and get the house ready.

  3. I read about this place on someone else's blog too! So it's definately marked on our Streets and Trips to try it out when we go to Florida next time. Thanks for the great review!

    p.s. do those kitties know that in all that water there are FISH??? heh heh

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Karen,
    The kitties do love fish but they think it comes from a can :) They have no idea there are fish out there! They do seem to like their new view!

  5. I found the answer to my question!


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