Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Going Camping

I  booked our first camping trip of the season.

We're going to Suwannee River State Park , in Live Oak, Florida.  It's one our our favorites in this area, and only about 80 miles from home.  We hate to spend too much time driving!  The main reason we like this park so much is that the kayaking is great!  There is a boat ramp right in the park and this part of the Suwannee River is  completely different from other areas.  I have many pictures on previous blogs, but will undoubtedly post more after this trip :)  The only problem, is after weeks of beautiful weather, they are predicting some rain next week!  It figures!

We made reservations for 4 nights starting Sunday.  Al wants to go to Keaton Beach and camp on the beach, when the moon is full, which will be toward the end of the month, so we're keeping this trip short. The fishing is good on a full moon, and the moon shining on the ocean is quite nice.  That will also be a short trip because it's a little pricey!  It's only around 100 miles from home.

Al is in Tampa now, so I am trying to get the motorhome packed, plus get as much of the lawn mowed as I can before we go. When he gets home, he can do his pre trip things and we hope to get an early start Sunday morning (yeah right)


  1. Looking forward to your trip story and pictures. Take a trillion of

    Cindy and Walker

  2. Don't worry Cindy...I always take lots of pictures...I'll have to work on the trillion though!


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