Monday, April 05, 2010

Camping on the Beach

We did a little exploring today on the way back home from taking my Mother back to Tampa.
We stopped at Keaton Beach, on the Florida Gulf Coast and found a pretty nice little campground.
Map picture
There are a lot of Oyster beds in this part of the Gulf, so the water and beach isn’t real pretty.  It’s nothing like the sugar white sand beaches further south, but you still get the wonderful gulf breezes and beautiful sunsets.
We went to  the Old Pavilion Rv Park and found it to be a pretty nice campground, with waterfront sites.  They are not spacious and you would really get to know your neighbor, but for a few days, it would be a nice place to stay.  Of course there were other sites that weren’t on the water, but in my opinion, if you couldn’t be on the water….why bother.
The sites have water, electric and sewer.  I didn’t see any bath house, so if you don’t like to shower in your rv, this isn’t the place for you.
Some waterfront sites.
There is a community deck behind one rv site.  It would be a great place to have happy hour and watch the sun set! 
Like I said, there are oyster beds and no white sand.  This is the beach. Not a great swimming beach, but kayaking would be nice.  The lady in the office said they catch a lot of fish right off the beach.
Right down the street there is a nice city park and beach.  They have a real nice fishing pier and a deep water channel.
This campground is on the Gulf Coast of Florida on the “Forgotten Coast”.  It’s about 20 miles west of Highway 19 and west of Perry Florida. 
We may go back and stay a few days in a week or so. The summer rates are $35 a night.  It’s a little pricey, but for a few days on the water, it would be worth it.


  1. What a nice little park! I just marked it on our Streets and Trips as an out of the way place to go. My folks live a little ways away from there, and it might be a good place to travel to with them for a week. Thanks!


  2. Karen,
    We thought it was kind of nice too.
    We found another one in that area with waterfront camping sites. It was a county park and actually had nicer beach area and water, but had a lot of what looked to be "live-ins" staying there. I'll post some pictures of it in the next few days. It was only $12 a night or $6 if you were a resident of the county!


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