Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Warm Florida Weather


Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 82, low 64)

Yesterday was a beautiful warm and sunny day.  I think it was the first really nice day since we’ve been back.

We started our day by heading over to Lowe’s to pick up a propane fire pit.

Our neighbors bought one of these and once we saw how nice it was and the warmth it provided, we were sold.  We had resisted getting a propane fire pit,  because we like a real fire, but after the night before when our nice fire went out after about 3 minutes, we decided it would be nice to have a fire where we could turn it off and on.


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It was $99 at Lowes.  It has a small footprint so that it won’t take up too much room in the motor home.  The only thing we don’t like about it, is that it won’t connect to a small throw away propane tank, which means we’ll have to carry a big one with us, or buy an adapter.

After Lowes, we stopped at a Publix grocery store to see if we could find their special annual Busch Gardens passes that they sold last year.  We found one for 2013 for $85, but since it expires in a few weeks, we didn’t think it was a bargain.  We’re hoping to find them again this year.  Busch Gardens has a lot of entertainment, including some evening shows, so we thought it would be a good deal if we could get the pass.

Our next stop was to go to a nice little flea market in Zephyrhills.  It caters to snowbirds and only operates during the winter months, and only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   There is a guy there that sells nice sunglasses, and we both needed a new pair.  Fortunately, he was there again, right in the same spot.  After we got our sunglasses, we picked up some limes, onions and green peppers and then headed home.

When we got home we found the park had been doing some major tree trimming, so there were branches everywhere.  It wasn’t long before they had it all cleaned up thought.

We decided to sit outside and read for a while.  Baxter got to come out and enjoy the sunshine in his cage.  He seems to recognize his red harness and as soon as he sees it,he waits for me to put it on him now, as compared to when I first started putting it on him when he fought me tooth and nail.  (literally)  He got to meet Murphy the dog yesterday.  Murphy wasn’t too sure he liked that big fluffy thing, but Baxter didn’t seem to be afraid.

Once it started getting dark, we took Baxter inside, and stole a picnic table from a nearby site.  With the help of some neighbors, we traded our ugly green faded picnic table in for a newly painted redwood colored one.  We sat outside and enjoyed our new campfire and had happy hour.  We saw three deer.  One was a fawn, one appeared to be an older fawn and the mother.   A while later a good size buck came by.   We haven’t seen the otters or foxes yet since we’ve been back.

A little later Stephanie and Barry came over and we chatted with them for a while.  By this time, it was starting to feel a little chilly, so the fire pit felt pretty nice.

By the time we went back inside, we realized we were late for “happy hour.”   The kitties get canned food every evening and it’s become known as “happy hour” because they get real  happy when they hear us opening the cans. They appeared a little ticked off that we were so late coming back inside, and were impatiently dancing a jig and pacing the floor.   That wasn’t the worse part though, because when we got inside, we realized we forgot to pick up some more canned food at the store.   Uh-oh……   Fortunately, we found a few cans of some of their least favorite stuff, which saved the day.  Otherwise, one of us would have been running to the grocery store!

Today, we’re going to the grocery store……for sure.


  1. We have a few friends that have a propane fire pit. They love there. Hope you enjoy yours.

  2. We love our Propane fire pit, sure comes in handy at times. I was able to change the fitting on ours so that it will take the small bottles or hook up to the large tank on our coach.

  3. I'm loving these sunny, warmer days here. Lately they've been far and few between. I read in another blog that Busch Gardens is $50 weekdays?

  4. We've thought about a propane fire pit but haven't done anything about it. May have to check this one out the next time we go to Lowes. We bring home dog food by the case. Just found out we can get it delivered by Petco at the same price as we pay when we go to the store. Free shipping. I love it.

  5. I remember the days of kitties dancing while the can was being opened. Miss having pets, but not enough to share a motor home with them.

  6. Yes, you must keep the kitties happy or they will extract revenge...don't ask me how I know this. ;c)

    I like that fire pit, might have to stroll over to Lowe's and check one out. Beats fighting with logs to stay lit and no smoke smell in my clothes.

  7. We've had a small fire pit for a while too. It's nice to have in places that don't allow campfires. Plus...smoke never blows in your face no matter which way you move.

  8. I apparently have developed an allergy to campfire smoke since I start coughing after about 5 minutes so the fire pit sounds like a great alternative. I'm just not sure Winnona has one square inch to put it in. We too have FINALLY gotten some warm weather. But we had to get down to Sebastian Inlet to get it.

  9. It might have been ugly if they did not get their happy hour:)

  10. That fire pit looks like something we should consider. We are not allowed wood fires here as they can irritate the coach next door. A propane fire pit is a great idea for spring and summer happy hours outside.


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