Sunday, December 22, 2013

Target Shopper?


Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 85, low 64)


I’ve been watching the weather reports around the country and feel for those folks who are dealing with all the heavy rain,  snow and ice.  I haven’t heard of any tornados overnight, so hopefully the predicted severe tornado outbreak didn’t happen.    They are expecting heavy rain at our lot in Georgia.  I hope the cabin and hot tub  don’t float away.  I’m glad we’re not up there.

After the beautiful kayaking trip on Thursday, things here have gone down hill.   We had hoped to get in another kayaking trip before Christmas, but that’s not looking promising.   Too much to do before Christmas, and we haven’t finished our Christmas shopping.  It’s just too hard to buy for my Mother and brother.

On Friday, despite the terrible traffic, but Al wanted to drive over to Clearwater to Don’s Marine Salvage, to pick up a ladder for our boat.  He called the guy and was assured they had what he was looking for.   We could have ordered it online, which would have been easier, but we needed to see the ladder in person to make sure it would work.  So after getting stranded on the Howard Franklin Bridge due to a traffic accident, we finally got there after probably a 2 hour drive.

I borrowed the following picture from the internet, but you can see what we were dealing with.  This is exactly how bad the traffic was.   Oh well, at least it was a pretty day to be stuck on a bridge.


howard franklin bridge   Yahoo Search Results

When we got to the marine salvage place, we discovered the ladder we went for was not the correct one.   It figures. 

Before we went to Clearwater, we went to the gym then decided to stop by our local Bank of America to discuss the hacking of debit and credit cards in Target stores.  If any of you have been living in outer space and haven’t heard of the issue here it is.  Debit and credit cards used at Target stores from Black Friday through mid December  could have been hacked.   It seems the information from some 40 million cards was stolen, including the account number, pin and three digit number on the back.  That information could allow them to shop online pretty much anywhere.

Since, we had used our debit cards in Target during the time the hacking occurred,  we were a little concerned.  

Everything I heard about it just told you to monitor your accounts for any suspicious activity.   Of course, they also said if your information was stolen, that it could be months or years before the information was used.   I wasn’t comfortable having a possible ticking time bomb out there, and my gut feeling was telling me to cancel our debit cards and get new ones.  I never saw anything written or mentioned on TV about canceling the cards, but it seemed to me to be the smartest option not to wait for something to happen but to be proactive and then not have to worry about
“suspicious activity.”

We needed cash anyway, so we decided to drop by the bank and ask them what they thought.  There was a man there to check us in and the first thing he said was, “ I bet I can guess why you’re here.”   We asked about canceling our cards and he confirmed that is the safest thing to do.  We had to wait about 20 minutes for an available person to help us, but it was pretty quick after that.  She cut up our old cards, and gave us temporary cards until our new ones arrived in the mail.  It was easy, and now we feel much better. 


  1. Oh my gosh. That bridge looks terrible. Holy Moly!

    Yes, the Target issue is a bad one. So glad I didn't use my card there.

  2. We have been checking our credit card daily. If I had used a debit card, I would do what you did.

  3. We're part of the lucky few that haven't shopped at Target. That's because there isn't one close to us. I really really hate traffic so Jim and I have stayed really close to home lately.

  4. Not a good time of year to be travelling, so think we will stay close to home.
    Good luck with your cards.

  5. Smart move. Just infuriating how poor computer security is and how determined hackers can access "secure" information.

    Now don't go back to Target anytime soon! :c)

  6. That was one massive looking traffic jam on the bridge.

    Debit and Credit card hackers are the Jesse James' of this age only they don't have to use guns and kill people. Luckily, we haven't shopped at Target in a while.

  7. Lucky for us there is not a Target near us. We are so dependent on our cards. Wish we could carry enough cash to make purchases, but that opens up another issue. You did the smartest thing by canceling your cards.

  8. I was lucky that I didn't shop at Target during that time, but I always check my financial info on line frequently. Good idea to get new cards! :)

  9. I did shop Target too! Dang, I never shop Target, but was with a friend that does. So my bank called me, so I went there & canceled my debit card. Will have to wait a couple of weeks for a new one! But along with you, it was the best alternative because it would suck if someone did scam our accounts!
    Sorry about all that sitting on a bridge for nothing!

  10. Always seems to be someone messing it up for everyone. Glad we didn't happen to shop at Target during that time.

  11. Life has just gotten so complicated. I think you did the smartest thing but it is sad they we always have to be looking over our shoulder for some bad guy trying one thing or another.

  12. We had the same situation. We used our card at Target during the time period mentioned and our bank also recommended getting a new card. We did that a few days ago and I really feel much better.
    Sorry about the ladder...hopefully you'll find the one you want soon.
    Merry Christmas to you guys!!!

  13. December 23, 2013

    Smart move.

    We check our credit card and debit card daily. I have used both and had both hacked at different times while we were in different parts of the country, in five and a half years. Our debit card was the last in the spring after shopping at walmart checkout would not accept our card. Security at our credit union said someone used our number in Iowa. Took some time to receive another card due to our travels so we only had the credit card to use. I do try to keep some cash available for these times. We haven't shopped at Target in a while but it could be any store. You did the right thing changing cards I would have liked to have had some warning. Also fall of eleven while in New Mexico and the credit card while in Arizona in zero nine.



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