Friday, December 13, 2013

Pat Made Me Tell on Myself


Wesley Chapel, Florida  (high 75, low 58)

Our above average temperatures have been replaced with more seasonable temperatures.  It’s down right chilly this morning at 50 degrees.  For some reason, 50 degrees always seems to feel colder here in Florida.  It’s supposed to warm up fast and it looks like it’s going to be a pretty and sunny day in the mid 70’s.

I never hesitate telling stories about dumb things other people do, but I do not post unflattering pictures of anybody. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for some of my blog friends!

What I don’t normally do is tell stories on myself.  Hey…it’s my blog, I can write or NOT write what I want to, right?

The other night our friends and neighbors, Pat and Ron came over for a campfire.  

I wasn’t going to tell this story, but Pat keeps prodding me to put it on the blog.

So here goes…..

When Pat and Ron came over, we were unfolding our chairs, and setting them up so that we could sit by the fire and chat.

When I unfolded one chair I felt something odd hit my left leg.   I looked down, and to my horror, there was a lizard stuck to my calf.   Anybody who knows me, knows I am deathly afraid of frogs and toads, and only slightly less afraid of lizards.

As soon as I saw the lizard stuck to my leg, I started screaming and jumping around like a crazy person.   Poor Baxter was outside in his cage and he didn’t know what was going on.   I wanted it off, but was too afraid to brush it off with my hand.    Al was busy unfolding another chair and couldn’t rescue me quite as quickly as normal.    Pat and Ron had no idea what was happening, and they didn’t rescue me either.  

I was jumping up and down trying to dislodge the lizard from my leg, screaming all the while.  I could feel his little claws holding onto my leg, and he wouldn’t budge.  I couldn’t find anything to brush him off and I certainly wasn’t going to use my hand.   All this time, I was screaming to the top of my lungs and jumping up and down.   I wonder what the other neighbors thought?   I’m surprised nobody called the police.  After what seemed like minutes, the lizard finally fell off due to my leg shaking and jumping. 

Once he was gone, it still felt like his claws were on my leg, until I wiped my leg with a rag.   Yuck……..  

I would have thought the poor little lizard was scared to death, but two more times in the next few minutes, that same darn lizard tried to climb on my chair.   The second time, Al chased him away.  If we see him again, he will be escorted to someone else’s campsite…..a long, long distance from us.

So Pat….here it is.  I told on myself.  Happy now?

And to get you back, I’m going to do what I never do.  I’m going to post an unflattering picture of someone.  Here’s the one of you I took the other day.



Nothing much else happening around here.  We wanted to get back to finish up our zoo visit, but I’ve been having trouble with my contact lens irritating my eye.  I hate to go anywhere without my contact because I can’t see, so we’ve stayed close by until my irritated eye gets better.

We did get our order from Amazon with our waterproof under coach LED lights.   As soon as Al figures out how to permanently attach them to the coach frame, I will take some photos.  We also ordered some bulbs for the interior lights.  I had resisted changing to LED’s  because of their cost. It seems like they have come down in price recently, so we took the plunge and purchased some from Amazon.  We replaced the lights on the entry steps, and the new led’s are much brighter, which is what we wanted.  We also replaced bulbs over the couch where Al reads in the mornings.  These are also much brighter, but I think a little too “cool” white.  I think I’ll put  them elsewhere, and get some warmer bulbs.  Al thinks they look okay….but what does he know.  :)

We got a LED for the the porch light, and we were anxious to see if it was brighter.  Unfortunately, our porch light seems to have quit working.

We had been considering installing a new LED motion sensor light, like the following.

Starlights Smart Light 1000   Black   AP 016 SL1000B   LED Lighting   Camping World

I guess we’ll go ahead and order it.  Pat and Ron put one on their coach last year and like it real well, and said it was an  easy installation.



  1. Love the lizard story, thanks for sharing.
    We have a few LED lights great for when we dry camp use very little power.
    Keep looking at the outside motion sensor light, but have not got one yet.

  2. I feel the same way about bugs. I can deal with frogs and lizards better than I can bugs. I freak out when they get in the house. Just want to put the covers over my head and cry. And my skin crawls for a long time after getting a bug on me. We have an LED motion sensor and love it.

  3. I like to look at lizards, but would not want one to crawl on me either. Spiders are my biggest creeper. I try to remind myself that I am so much bigger than they are, but I have to use something to kill or brush them down. I just keep thinking one might jump at me!

  4. Brings new meaning to Leaping Lizards! I do remember you telling a story on yourself a few years ago that made me laugh like crazy. As I recall, Al got leg cramps while driving your other MH an y'all had to pull into a rest area so that you could help him out. You can sure tell a hilarious tale! :)

    1. Leaping Lizards would have been a much better title for this post, huh?

  5. Great story Karen. Makes me want to get you a little lizard as a pet so you can learn to love them. just kidding.:-))

    1. Sherry, you won't believe this, but we actually had a lizard as a pet. He used to live in a pipe that was outside near our pool. He would peek his little head out of the pipe and look at us. We never saw him leave the pipe, so we started feeding him a bug or two every day. He started to expect the meal and would come right up to Al. I thought he was cute, but wouldn't want him on my leg.

  6. Too Bad Grace is not there- she would have protected you from that Lizard.

  7. Looks like Pat is digging a hole to bury that lizard...

  8. ha ha ha. . .ROFL about the lizard. . .water bugs (ie Cockroaches) are known to have the same effect. . .

  9. We have one of those LED sensor lights and it works great. The LEDs Mui installed under the coach came with a sticky backing, but he used silicone as well to make sure the lights were secured well.

  10. Lol..oh my :-) We have little lizards on our psd here. They love to nestle in our chairs too. They don't bother me much either, but like Merikay, don't get a spider near me, especially those huge banana spiders!

  11. Switching out to LEDs in The Palms was one of the first "mods" I did as soon as I had my solar panels put in. I really like them. The first two I bought were too "blue" and I put them in lights I don't use much. Then I ordered the rest through Amazon, the warmer colored lights. I'll be you'll be very happy with them. I just bought a motion detector light for outside my rig. I'm not attaching it, but rigged it so that when Katie and I come out the door, it lights. If we are coming back from an evening walk in the dark, it lights our way, too. I'm really happy with mine. :)

  12. Thanks for the info on the LED lights coming down in price on Amazon. I'll have to check into that, they really are expensive.

    While I'm shopping on Amazon, I think I'll also look into LPDs...Lizard Protection Devices. Hey, you never know when you'll need one... ;c)


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