Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Making Plans to Head South


Wesley Chapel, Florida  (high 71, low 41)


I forgot to give an update on our malfunctioning Progressive Industries Surge/Voltage Protector.  When we got back to Florida, Al plugged the surge protector in as always to confirm that our power post was okay.  It gave him a high voltage error, which as it turned out was not because of the power pedestal, but a malfunctioning surge protector.

We called Progressive Industries (on a Sunday afternoon) and were told to send it back.  They would check it out and either repair, or replace the unit and send it back to us at no charge.

We reluctantly plugged the coach into the pedestal with no surge guard and hoped for the best.  The next morning, we shipped the old unit back. It was right before Thanksgiving, so it took a little longer than we had hoped, but in about 10-12 days we had a brand new surge/voltage guard.   :)



It’s nice to deal with a company that has such great customer service, and I wanted to give them a little plug.   I’ve heard nothing but good about this company, so if you’re looking for a surge protector, we can recommend Progressive Industries.


Christmas has sneaked up on us (as usual) and we find ourselves trying to get our shopping done at the last minute.  Thank goodness for Amazon, Omaha Steaks, and Florida Citrus.   Everything that needs to get shipped is taken care of, so now we only have to find things for my Mom and brother, and they are both difficult to buy for.  Al and I aren’t exchanging gifts since already bought ourselves a lot of gifts all year long.


Our other project we’ve been working on is to downsize our storage shed.  We like having one where we can keep our scuba gear and stuff like that, but it’s time to get rid of a lot of the crap treasures.  We have finally come to the conclusion that Al’s collection of Life magazines are not worth enough money to keep, so those are gone.  It looks like old records aren’t going to make us rich either, so we’re going to take them somewhere and sell them for whatever we can get.  Now, to unload a huge collection of crystal stemware and a set of Sango china.  


We like to spend time in the Florida Keys in the winter and yesterday, we made reservations. I was a little worried that we would be unable to get a reservation, but we did.  This will be our third year.  We will stay in Tampa until after the big Rv show and get to the Keys on January 28th.  Yea!   We love it there and it’s started to feel a lot like “home.”    Our little boat is there waiting for our return.   (hope it still runs)


We had hoped to go down there and purchase a luxury Rv lot, but unfortunately, we didn’t win the 600 million dollar Mega Million Lottery last night, so we won’t be able to buy our dream lot at Bluewater Key.  We picked out a very nice site for a mere $849,000.   I guess we’ll be back at Sunshine Key Rv Resort, instead.  Oh well.

(click on the above link to see pictures of this gorgeous place)

Bluewater Key Rv Resort is quite nice.  Most sites have pavers, tiki huts with complete outdoor kitchens and beautiful docks.   The lots are all privately owned, but you can rent them out.  The rental rates start out at $130 per night in the high (winter) season, but drop to only $60 during the summer.     If we owned a lot there along with our Georgia lot, I don’t know if we’d ever want to go anywhere else.

Bluewater Key  Gallery

Wow    Review of Bluewater Key RV Resort  Florida Keys  FL   TripAdvisor

It’s off to the gym today, then over to Mom’s to celebrate her 84th birthday.


  1. Enjoy the Birthday celebrations with mom, and nice that you have a spot in the Keys.

  2. I hope to get to the Keys someday. All the pictures are beautiful!

  3. Glad to hear you got your spot in the Keys. Even if you can't buy that fancy one. I didn't win either. So sad. Happy Birthday to your Mom.

  4. Wow that's great that with just over a month's notice you could get a spot in the Keys. How do you do that? I would think they would be all full up with other 1000 Trails folks. How long do you get to stay you lucky thing??? :-)

  5. Do you need tax deductions? Take a group picture of the crystal, then go to a replacement site, or even a retail web site and make a list of what you have and what the replacement cost would be. It can really add up, and if you donate them you will probably get more in tax relief than what you would get trying to sell them. That is what I am doing with my China. Itemized and valued at the printed replacement price it is worth over $3000 . On Craig's list I might get $300. It is much beter for us to donate it.

    If you take a picture and print the prices, you can doccument the value.

    Just a thought.

  6. Ohhh, that video made me want to head across the country to the Keys! Very nice!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    I'd love to go to the Keys some day especially while RVing. I'd love to see those $1M lots although I'd just be lookin'.

  8. That is great service on the surge protector. Happy birthday to your mom:)

  9. Happy birthday to your mom. My mom will be 84 in March.

    We have the same type of surge protector you have. About a year ago, the polarity reversed. Our RV park checked their electrical outlets, but theirs were fine. We sent ours back and ended up with a new one as well. Good investment.

  10. I didn't win that lottery, either. Probably because I didn't buy a ticket. However, I'd be happy to donate the dollar I saved to you as a down payment on that $849,000 lot.

    Then you'll only have to add $848,999. That lot is practically yours already!

  11. I hate it each week when we have to rework our budget because our numbers did not turn up also, but one day....

  12. If it doesn't warm up to "normal" temps where we are we might just head that far south ourselves!! We do plan to spend some time at Ft. Pickens after Christmas.

  13. Great news on the Keys. We will be there the month of February, so we should get a chance to see you then!

    Happy Birthday to your mom.


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