Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rain, and a Cold Front


Wesley Chapel, Florida  (high 73, low 42-  what???  did I read that correctly?)


The cold front that is bringing a blizzard to the northeast, brought us some rain early this morning.   It rained hard for a few minutes, then it was gone.  That’s the kind of storm I like.

I always like to start my blog with our location and temperature.  When I checked my Weatherbug app this morning for a weather report,  I was sure surprised to see a predicted low tonight of 42 degrees.   I had to remind myself that we are tough now that we survived 17 degrees in the mountains!

I like knowing the weather when I read other blogs, because I want to know when to stay away from certain parts of the country!   When they say they are having beautiful warm weather in February, and I find out it’s only 50 degrees and that’s the norm, then I know I don’t want to winter there!  I also like being able to look back on my blog and remember what the temperature was on a certain date.

I always list our location  for readers who may not read my blog regularly and have no clue where we are located.  I find it frustrating when I read a blog in which they mention some great place to see or a wonderful campground, and I have no idea what state they are in.  I find myself scrolling back blog post after blog post to get my answer.  Or….sometimes, I give up.

Anyway…. we’re supposed to have a few days of cooler weather but after tomorrow we’ll be back in the 70’s during the daytime.  We’re planning a trip up to Crystal River to do a paddle in Three Sisters Springs.  It’s a beautiful, beautiful spring and the manatee should be there to make it even better.

We were there a year or so ago and have been wanting to go back ever since.  I would provide the link to my previous blog post, but I can’t remember exactly when we were there and it seems that the “search my blog” feature isn’t working (as usual).


Thanks for all the comments regarding my strange request the other day.  I removed that blog from my blogroll.  It’s too bad because I found there was some good information on her blog, and I probably won’t remember to read it, since it’s not showing on my blogroll anymore.

I often add blogs to my blogroll when I see a comment they have made on either mine or someone else’s blog.  If I  discover they also have a blog, I try to add them to my blogroll.   Unfortunately, not all people who have blogs have it linked to their profile and I cannot always find your blog.

Before Google+,  it seemed like most people used Blogger and it they left a comment, you could click on their name and it would automatically pop up their blog.    That was nice.


With many blogs, you get their profile page, which shows their blog and you could just click to go to their blog.  That’s nice too. 

Blogger  User Profile  Sherry

If you click the comment on a blog like Rick’s, in which he only allows comments from from people with Google +, you get this:

Rick has set up his Google+ account so that it also shows his blog.  Many haven't’ done that and it makes it hard to find their blogs.  

Rick Doyle   Google

I want my blog to be found by as many people as I can, so when I noticed when I commented on Ricks blog, my name and photo came up, but my blog didn’t.   I think I fixed that.

Anyway, if you write a blog and read and comment on others, have you checked to see if yours can be found easily when people click on your name in the comment section?   









  1. It's because of a post you made awhile ago that I know put the location and temps at the beginning of each blog post. And I do agree with you, I like knowing where people are and what the weather is. I also don't work real hard to find someone's blog. If they comment and I can find their blog easily, then I'll follow it. If I can't find it right away then I give up.

  2. Me too. I share many of the same thoughts as you do. I wonder where people are and I put a temperature widget on my blog so people can see those things about us. I also added a Google travel calendar so people can see where we have been and where we intend to go. I don't how many use those things. I also post a good amount of maps. But those tools also help me remember where we've been. Great post.

  3. Good point on the weather info on your blog, Karen. I'll have to check and change our sidebar weather widget to Palm Springs.

    I'll have to have a look and see how the G+ info appears re your comments and blogs showing.

  4. I have for years now added where are we today because like you said its nice that readers know where you are especially our friends and family. The weather is nice to know as well. But can sure change from years to year. We just know that Arizona has cold night and pretty decent sunny warm, dry days most of the time.
    Any of this is better than back home in Ontario Canada.

  5. I should have mentioned to create a shortcut on your desktop before removing that blog from your sidebar.
    Kathy and I are returning to Rock Crusher RV Park for the month of January so we can spend more time swimming and kayaking with the Manatees.
    I am leery of signing on to Google+ because i feel it would restrict others from leaving comments on our post but at the same time by not doing it restricts me from leaving comments on Rick's blog.
    Our Landscape here has turned very white and we're looking forward to the green color of Florida. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Thanks for the heads up on the location and weather. Funny I always look at your temps, but never thought to put it on mine.

  7. I always put our location when I start a new post, but I haven't been putting the temperature. Guess I figure if anyone cares, they can look it up on :-)
    I think if anyone clicks on our name in a comment, it comes up such as Sherry's does.

  8. I put a weather widget on our blog right from the start. My dad is our best reader. He always looks at the weather gadget.

    I begin following many blogs due to reading comments in other blogs. That is actually how I got to yours. Good job!

  9. I think listing your location is a good idea, but I really don't care what the temperature is where people are at. I can figure that out myself if I really want to know.

    I feel the same way when people list the roads they've traveled on a certain day. If they don't include a map, the information is pretty useless to me.

    Oh well, different strokes for different folks...

  10. Good idea, I usually spell out where we are in the text of my blog posts instead of listing it at the top. Right now a map would be pretty useless to most people because we're mired in one place. :c(

  11. Hmmm. I think I have done that, Karen, but not really sure. One thing I did learn from you, however, is putting our current location and weather right at the beginning of each post. Like you, I realized that there are people that only drop in periodically (as I do with some blogs) and they might like to have a clue where we are and what its like. Thanks for that suggestion from some time back. Now I have to go see if Google+ is doing what I want it to do.

  12. I'm late to the party here but thanks for the plug. You'll see why I'm so behind in my latest post. I too put my location but don't do my weather. I think I'll start that so that I too can know what the temps were that day although sometimes I do more than one day in a post so I'm not sure what I'd do in that case. I also like to see who is commenting on my blog and check to see if they have a blog too which is much harder to do since people have gone to google+ especially those on whose blog you cannot comment unless you are also a member of the clique. Good thought provoking post Karen.

  13. Oh man! 73 degrees in Florida! I will never get over how nice it is down here in the winter time. And yes, I think it is a great idea to have your location included in your blogs, it really gives us a mental image of where you are. Great post!

  14. I wish I knew how to link my blog to my Google+ account. I am not that talented.

    I like seeing the present location of the bloggers, yet I continue to forget to put that in my blog.


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