Sunday, December 08, 2013

Photos of New LED’s


Wesley Chapel, Florida  (high 84, low 60)


It looks like our run of warm/hot weather is going to continue a few more days.  I’m not complaining, but I wouldn’t mind a few degrees cooler either.  We had turned off our AC in Georgia quite a while before we left, and it was really hard for me to have to turn it back on. 


We have been wanting to find a patio umbrella, but I want a really nice one, that is on sale for next to nothing.  You’d think this would be the time of year to find them on sale, but I guess since it’s Florida, they are still in demand.

I checked on Craig’s List and found a few, but not quite what we wanted, so we headed to Lowe’s and Home Depot.   We have a really nice one up at the lot in Georgia, but unfortunately, it’s still up there.

Rivers Edge Rv Park, deck

I wanted one as nice, but didn’t want to spend much.  Good luck, huh?

We also wanted one where we can adjust the angle.   After a few stops, we found one at Home Depot that was on sale for $35.  We opened the box to make sure it was what we wanted. When we went to pay for it, the guy gave us an additional 10% off the price since the box was “ratty.”  The umbrella is black, brown and tan stripe, which would not have been my first choice for color, but it actually matches the coach pretty well, so it will do.  


The way our site is laid out, it appears we are going to have a sunnier site in the winter than it was in the summer.  We have some trees and shed that give us some shade, but the umbrella will allow us to have the shade where we want it.  


A few people seemed interested in the LED light strip that we put inside on top of the slide.

Here are a few pictures I took this morning.  The colors look much prettier in person, but this will give you an idea.  The white gives off pretty good light and is energy efficient, so we like that.

There is a remote control and you can change the colors at will .





I put the flash on in the next photo.  It doesn’t quite look like it does in person, but somewhere between the dark photos and the one with the flash is the actual look. It looks very nice though.


As I mentioned on the blog yesterday, when I ordered the lights from Amazon, I intended on buying the coated waterproof ones for underneath the coach.   I chose the wrong ones, and that’s how we ended up with interior lighting.  It turned out well though, because we really like them.

Here is the link for the INTERIOR lights.

and here is the link for the waterproof, exterior lights.  Don’t make the same mistake I did.

If you want to put these underneath the coach,  first take a look underneath and see how you can mount them to the frame.  The lights are a thin (about an inch wide) rubber coated strip.  Our neighbors used zip ties to attach them to the frame underneath.   The way our frame is, I’m not sure we’ll be able to attach them that way. We may have to use Eternabond.   Once they are mounted, they can be left in place, even while traveling.   Just something to think about. 

The interior non waterproof lights are only about 1/4  inch wide and have a glue strip, which seems to holding well..


The next pictures are of Pat and Ron’s coach.  They usually make their under coach lights blue (Air Force Blue) to match the star.



They have two sets of lights, one attached to each side of the frame.  I just ordered one set for underneath our coach, and I think it will look fine.   These outdoor lights could be put in various places, not just underneath an RV.  They are pretty cool..


Today is football day for Al, so I’m not sure what we will be doing.   It’s lovely outside right now, so I think we’ll head out for our morning coffee and juice.


  1. Now all you need inside your MH is a disco ball and you'll really be styling! ;c)

    The lights do look very nice, an easy add on that even I could do...

  2. Awesome looking light a nice easy way to change the ambiance of your coach.

  3. George put some blue lights under our kitchen cabinets on the floor, and it gives a nice hue at night.

  4. Those lights really do look great.

  5. Having a sunnier site in winter than in summer sounds perfect! Too bad you didn't think to bring the umbrella from the mountains down to Florida. I'm sure it would have enjoyed the ride and new scenery. :-)

  6. Love the lights under the coach. They look really cool. Your weather looks fabulous! I am freezing at 18 degrees!

  7. Thanks again, Karen...... The lights look great ...... I ordered 2 sets; maybe the porch and one set on North Carolina deck rail .....

  8. Bucs are blacked out -bummer! Those lights are pretty cool.

  9. The lights look very cool, and the star over the MH is a sure sign that Christmas will be here soon.

  10. You said it was football for Al. Don't you watch it with him? I've watched 3 games today and yelled at the TV. Ken keeps reminding me they can't hear me!! (I watch Hgtv during commercials!). Hehe love the lights!


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