Saturday, December 28, 2013



Wesley Chapel, Florida (high 81, low 67)

We had a nice Christmas with my Mom and brother, but we are glad it’s over for another year and things are slowing down again.

Our weather is going to be a little rainy the next few days, so while it’s warm, it is certainly not good beach weather.  We have some projects around the house that we hope to complete.

The past few days, we’ve been resting from the hectic Christmas schedule and are watching the recent season of the TV show “Homeland.”   It’s nice being lazy.

Just a reminder to everyone, to be extra careful entering and exiting these RV’s.   Last year a Canadian neighbor fell on her motor home steps and broke her ankle.  Two days ago, our neighbor Ron, fell down the steps while carrying a platter of cooking items (including sharp knives).  He went from the bottom step inside the motor home, right onto the concrete, bypassing the three outside steps.  Fortunately nothing was broken, but he is quite sore.

A few weeks ago, I almost tripped on our steps as well, so it’s something to watch.   I’ve heard of many people falling on their RV steps.


The title of my blog is technology.  I love technology and despite the fact that we may give up some of our privacy, I wouldn’t change a thing.  I love the fact that my phone can direct me to the nearest restaurants, banks, rv parks, and wherever, despite the fact that I’m in different cities all the time.  I love the fact that my Weatherbug App, keeps me up on the weather around the country and always knows exactly where I am at all times.

Yesterday, I found something new that I really appreciated.   We went to Chili’s for a late lunch.   We sat down and noticed a little computer type gadget on the table. While we were waiting for our meal, I checked it out and found you could play games (for $.99) read the USA Today, or order additional items.

When we finished our meal, I noticed you could also pay your bill on the gadget.  Normally, when I finish my meal, I am ready to leave right then and HATE waiting around the waitress to bring the bill, come back to collect the debit card, then wait again for her to come back for you to sign.   We also don’t like handing someone our debit card for her to walk away and process it.

This new gadget allows you to pay your bill anytime you want.  The bill shows up on the computer monitor, you can swipe your card, add a tip, and print a receipt. There was a survey too, so that’s nice it you want to complain.   Right at your table!   LOVE love, love it!   No more waiting for the bill.  Now I can dine and dash….and not get arrested.  This is the first time I’ve seen this, but I’ll get it will become more and more common.


My second bit of technology came this morning.  I got an email saying someone might be trying to unlock my mobile device.  It was from “Lookout Security.”   I was hesitant to open the email, but since I do have Lookout installed on my cell phone, I thought it might be legitimate, so I opened the email.

It said that someone had tried to unlock my cell phone 5 times and they even took a picture of the culprit!    Can you believe that?   I scrolled down and saw a very bad  picture of myself!     Now that’s scary…. my phone is taking pictures of me when I don’t know it?  Yikes.    It could be real handy if my phone was ever stolen or lost though.

What happened was that I set my phone up so that I have to use a pattern to unlock it.  It automatically locks when I don’t use the phone for a few minutes. I want to turn off this locking feature, but somehow, it’s now set up so that only the “administrator” can remove this locking feature, and it doesn’t have me as the administrator.  I’m not sure how that happened, but if any of you have any suggestions, please let me know.  It’s a Droid Razr Maxx.  I can’t find anything where I can change it back with me as the administrator.


We’re getting anxious to head back to the Keys so we’ve been looking at a lot of our old pictures, and I came across this one.  How about these dolphin? They were a long way from me, but how cute was that pose?



  1. December 28, 2013

    Did you try calling the Verizon Tech Support?


    1. No, I've just ignored it for now and have thought I'd stop by a Verizon store when I get a chance. I hate trying to get through to Verizon....too many prompts...

  2. And to think that Chili's is at the forefront of technology. Love that your phone took a picture of you trying to break and enter. Too funny! Technology gone awry I'd say. GREAT dolphin picture. WAY better than my little fins which is all I seem to be able to get.

    1. That's all I usually get as well Sherry. That's why this picture is so blurry. I was a long way from them but the pose was so good I had to crop and keep it.

  3. Technology can be good, sometimes it works against us I think!

  4. Sadly, my first thought of those Chili's table gadgets was of the recent news with debit card pins being hacked from similar devices at Target. And of course, I do love those quickie little swiper thingies that some waitstaff are now using. Always seemed safer than sending off my card into the black unknown. Now who knows. The black unknown is right there at the swiper thingy. Sigh. Glad things are slowing down for you a bit, as they are for us. On the road this morning!

  5. Feel free to use technology to pay my restaurant bill anytime you'd like. ;c)

    Don't you just pine for the days of rotary dial phones? No worries about somebody trying to use those phones without your permission!

  6. Caught breaking and entering by your own phone - that's funny! I might just delete the app altogether and then re-install it making sure I made myself an administrator.

    Somehow, the good old USA has fallen a bit behind in Debit Card technology. Back home in Canada we seldom have to swipe our cards anymore as the cards have embedded secure microchips installed. The debit card is then inserted into the mobile machines brought to your table or at almost all of the stores.

    They're not perfect but are a lot more secure than swipe technology.

  7. Maybe you have a doppelgänger, Karen.

  8. I put lookout on Anneke's phone after she somehow got a virus while searching the web. Been on there for several months and so far so good. I check it's status screen once in awhile to ensure all is well. Will have to check who is the administrator. I do not remember doing that, but I did not install a phone lock.

    I love technology, but at times also makes me a little crazy:)

  9. At least it didn't post the culprits pic directly to FB.


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