Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Word of the Day


Elko, Georgia (high 64, low 39)

Despite our best intentions of leaving by 8am, we didn’t get on the road until almost 9am.  That’s okay though, we wanted to let all the Atlanta rush hour traffic clear out first anyway.

We both felt pretty good about our coolant leak, but we knew the big test would be when we went down the road a while.

We chose to take the slightly longer route through Ellijay, Georgia, instead of the shorter road over Blood Mountain.

We made is safely through Atlanta, with no problems and fairly light traffic, at least light considering we were in Atlanta.  We kept in the center lanes, to keep away from merging traffic.  It gets kind of interesting when there are 8 lanes of traffic, and lanes being added constantly.

Al kept a real close eye on the thermostat and of course about every two minutes, I asked  “how’s the temperature?”

After a while the word of the day was shortened to “temperature?”  He went from telling me exactly what the temperature was, so saying “good”.   I must have asked 50 times!   Poor Al.

The first rest area wasn’t for almost 190 miles so we didn’t have a good place to stop and check for coolant leaks until then. Something inside me told me to just keep on going and not look for trouble.  :)   I shudder to think what would have happened if we had broken down in Atlanta. 

We had lunch at the rest area then went outside and checked for leaks.  We didn’t see any leaks and the overflow tank was exactly where it had been, so we felt pretty comfortable that we could make it the rest of the way.

We ended up at Twin Oaks Rv Park, just south of Perry, Georgia.  We had a kind of PDD day, as we drove about 235 miles!!!  It is a real nice park, just off I-75.  The nice lady let us to our reserved pull through site.  It was plenty long enough for both the coach and the toad.  We’ve been to some sites where their idea of pull through is that you can pull in forward.  Never mind that your toad sticks out in the road.  :)   I think this will be our rv park of choice the next time we come this way. 

It doesn’t look like we’re going to be able to get into the Cummins shop this week, without sitting in their lot and waiting for them to squeeze us in.  We had hoped to go to the one in Ocala, Florida, but  I guess we will have to make an appointment at the Cummins in Tampa.  The service guy did tell me that coolant leaks are more common in cold weather. 

So, we are working on some fun plans for tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

Gotta go.  Someone is having a birthday and I need to buy him a nice dinner.


  1. Happy Birthday to Al. Glad that you made it to the RV park with no problem with the temperature.

  2. Twin Oaks has always been our stop when we travel north to Dillard or south to Crystal River. Nice pull thru sites and great Passport America rates. Travel safe. Glad you beat that next cold front coming to N Ga this weekend.

  3. Paul may be afflicted with PDD, but I think perhaps you have KWD (Karen Worries Disorder). ;) I think you worry more about weather, traffic, mountains, coolant, etc. than any other person I've ever met or hope to meet. (Please take this in the friendly way it is intentioned.)

  4. Happy Birthday Al!
    Glad everything seems to be working OK. Safe travels the rest of the way.

  5. Happy Birthday Al. Glad you had a safe trip today.
    Yes KWD is a great new affliction.

  6. Sounds like you've solved the problem. If there was no coolant loss, there can't be any leaks.

    You learn new things about caring for your motorhome every day. Before long you'll be able to overhaul your engine! ;c)

  7. I crowned Paul PDD and Judy crowned you KWD. You are in good company!! Glad everything went smoothly. You seem to have fixed the problem. Thanks for the park recommendation I'm writing it down for stays if we have to go anywhere in the direction of Atlanta. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AL!! Your first of many during your full retirement. ENJOY!!!

  8. Happy birthday, Al! Glad to hear your drive went smoothly. We like Twin Oaks as well.

  9. Happy birthday to Al! Take it easy, no more "Temperature?" for a while, OK?

  10. Oh gosh, I sure hope the special dinner is a celebration !!!!
    Thank goodness there was no tape wrapping and or clamp tightening today ...... Congratulations on your "middle lane "trek" through Atlanta..... You made it time for cocktails !!!!
    Don't 'cha

  11. Got cut off.....

    Don't you know Al can relax now ....... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AL !!!! THE VERY BEST IN THE COMING YEAR !!!!

  12. Happy birthday, Al! May you make the rest of the trip south without incident. We're minutes from Ocala, too bad you couldn't get in there!

  13. Happy Birthday, Al! Karen, meditating helps get rid of worrying and stress. I speak from experience.

  14. Happy Birthday Al.
    Glad you got through the day trouble free.

  15. Happy Birthday Al!!
    You made a great choice in Twin Oaks. It definitely has great ratings.
    So glad the coolant is holding and you guys are almost at your destination!! :-)

  16. Happy Birthday Al! We'll have to make a note of Twin Oaks also. Safe travels.

  17. Glad Atlanta wasn't a problem. We are staying at Twin Oaks tonight - we almost always stay there. Only problem is that we are heading to cold TN and not warm FL, but it's just a quick 9-day trip. See you sometime this winter.


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