Sunday, November 03, 2013

Murphy Came to Visit


Blairsville, Georgia (high 59, low 35)


It cooled down a little last night, but it looks like it should be sunny today.

We have plans today to head up to Murphy, North Carolina (about 30 minutes north) and go to the Panther Ridge Fire tower.  Some friends were there yesterday and said the view was spectacular.  They open the fire tower for visitors one week-end a month during summer and fall.   I’ve got my camera batteries all charged up so I hope the colors are still pretty.

We had visitors again yesterday.  We sure are popular since we came here.   :)

Our friends from Quail Run Rv Park in the Tampa area are heading back from their summer travels.  They are staying near Greenville, SC and took a car day trip over to visit us and this area.  

This is the Murphy that came to visit.   NOT the bad Murphy, that likes to visit sometimes. 

Murphy is on the left, his mama Pat is on the right.  This is the picture from last summer, since the photo I took yesterday didn’t turn out well.


Pat, Ron and Murphy visited a few hours and we gave them the tour of Rivers Edge RV Park.  They think they might like to eventually have a lot here in the mountains, and liked Rivers Edge a lot.   They might bring the motorhome and stop by on their way south.

After Pat and Ron left, we went into town for lunch and errands. 

Here is a picture of the best Wal-Mart view ever.   This is our view from our parking space at the Blairsville Wal-Mart.  Pretty nice, huh?

Walmart view

A few more pretty trees around town.


I hate when power lines ruin my shots, and I couldn’t more anywhere else without stepping on graves in the cemetery. 




  1. That is nice that the good Murphy came to visit.
    The fall colors are always impressive even if the power lines do get in the way.

  2. If you use Picasa you can manage to eliminate those power lines using their editor. It's free and it's the best photo editor out there.

  3. Those trees look like they are on fire. Excellent.

  4. wow. . .what a beautiful vista. . .from Walmart no less. . .really lovely!

    I concur with your power line issues. . .so many beautiful historic downtown areas have the exact same problem. . .ugh!

  5. That's one Mr. Murphy I wouldn't mind coming for a visit.

  6. Your header photo of fall's glory is stunning. I hadn't seen it before on my cell phone. . . .

    Looking forward to more fall photos from the fire tower.

  7. That Murphy would always be welcome at our house. Those trees are just incredibly beautiful - like they are on fire. I fight with the wires also.

  8. I think you should get a commission on any of the friends you have shown your lot to who buy lots there. You have had a lot of visitors. Not sure any of them were cuter than Mr. Murphy. I sighed of relief when I read that it wasn't THE murphy.

  9. That is really neat that they open up the fire tower for fall foliage viewing.

  10. Phew! You had me worried with that title! :cO


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