Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Bad Start to the Day


Dunnellon, Florida  ( high 81, low 53)

On Thursday, we drove over to the headsprings part of the park, here at Rainbow Springs State Park.  The campground and the headsprings are in two separate areas. 

The campground is along the river, but there are no waterfront campsites.  You can launch a kayak, or swim in the river.

They have a nice kayak launch, complete with a guard.

kayak launch Rainbow Springs


It’s much prettier over at the head springs area.  You walk in, and look down onto the beautiful spring fed river.  It’s quite pretty, but  I accidently deleted my photos, thinking that I had down loaded them.

We were here in October of 2011.  If you’re interested in more information about the campground, or the springs and river, click here.

I am reposting a few pictures here from the previous blog, so that you can see just how beautiful the area is.  We’ll probably get back to the springs today.

Rainbow River

rainbow river1


The water was so clear, that it looked like air.


After we got back home, we spent some time outside on our nice patio area, reading and watching the birds.

There are a lot of Towhee here at this park.  Someday, I’ll get a better picture.


We saw this tiny little bird.  Not sure what he is and haven’t taken the time to look him up.



On Friday, we had the unpleasant job of moving to a different site, after only two nights on site 22. We liked the site pretty well, and we had pretty good privacy, but you could hear and see the road from behind our site.  Site 21, which is where we actually were supposed to have been, was a much better site.

We just had to move a few sites down, so site 16, but when we thought about moving, we wished we hadn’t decided to extend our stay. 

We took a walk around the campground in the morning, and on the way back, as we walked by our next door neighbors site, we heard a loud metallic sounding crash.   We heard some voices, then a female was saying “help, somebody please help.”   Of course, we started over, but their two dogs were barking and warning us away.  They said, “the dogs won’t bite.”  

Once we approached, the dogs calmed down, and they didn’t bite.

It turns out somehow the awning arm fell down and the man got his finger caught between two sections of the awning arm.   He was feeling dizzy and afraid he was going to pass out from the pain.    Al got a screwdriver and somehow pried the metal pieces apart allowing him to get his finger out.   It turns out his wife was a nurse.  She thought she should take him to see a doctor.  I looked up a couple of emergency clinics nearby, gave her directions, and they took off.

While they were gone, we showered, read a while, then decided we’d better get packed up and move to our new site.

It’s much easier packing up when you only have to move down the road, and we got the coach moved fairly quickly. I was working inside, and Al was outside hooking up the water and sewer.  He came in saying a few choice words, holding his head, and bleeding like crazy.

It turns out he managed to crack his head open on the slide out….again.  We really need to get some of those swim noodles before he kills himself.

The wound was about 1 1/2 inches long, but it didn’t look too terribly deep, but it bled a lot.  We put ice on it to stop the bleeding and the bleeding slowed.

We decided to walk back over and visit our nurse friend from earlier, and see what she thought.   We’re not sure of their names, but I think she is Diane and he is Bill (the guy with the smashed finger).

When we got to their site, they were back from the clinic.  His finger was not broken thankfully.  She was up on the roof, and he was working on the awning arm which had become loose from the side of the motor home.

She looked at Al’s head, asked him if he was dizzy or nauseous, then cleaned his wound with saline, then dabbed it with an iodine swab.  She didn’t think he needed to go to a doctor, but advised if anything changed not to hesitate to see a doctor.

While we were there, we helped them with their awning arm.  All that could be done, was to was secure the awning arm to the bracket so that they could travel, since the were planning on heading south.

So, we ended up with two medical emergencies, and each of us was able to help the other one out.  We had been next door to them for two days and only said hello, but ended up getting to know them when there was an accident.

We spent the rest of the day around the house.  Our new site is more private, but a little shorter and sunnier.  Our satellite signal locked on, but we spent the afternoon outside reading.

I’m reading the Stephanie Meyer novel The host.   She is the author of the Twilight series, which I very much enjoyed.  She has some kind of imagination and is an excellent writer.  I know the Twilight series was billed as a teenage book, but I thoroughly enjoyed both the books and the movies.  The host is supposed to be an “adult” novel, and so far I’m enjoying it.  It’s a little difficult getting into it and keeping things straight, but I think I’ll like it.  It was one that I had picked up at the library in the laundry room at Rivers Edge.  When you stay at RV parks, you rarely need to buy books!

Since, we don’t have to move today, we hope to spend most of the day outside reading.  The weather is nice and warm and hopefully will be sunny today.  I just need to keep Al safe!


  1. Good thing that those medical emergencies were not too critical. Got those swim noodles yet???
    Enjoy your books, we both love reading.

  2. That was quite a day. Glad no one had broken bones or a skull.

    The photos of the spring showing the kayaks floating is so pretty. This park is going on my bucket list.

    Thanks for the interesting blog.

  3. When I read you title and got down to the deleted photos, I thought that was the bad start. Then reading on, OUCH!!! Glad everything turned out okay. I think we need to take up a collection to buy Al a helmet! ;c)

  4. Those slide outs will reach out and hit you in the back, head, shoulder anywhere they can.
    When we were at Rainbow Springs last year in the Sea Eagle, Gin said it was like floating on an aquarium. Enjoy the beautiful clear water.

  5. Thankful that Al and your neighbor weren't hurt worse. We are going to Rainbow Springs this season. Your photos look great. Do you need a dollar to buy a noodle?

  6. That water is crystal clear...beautiful.

    Thank goodness you two were close enough to run over and help that man. I am sure his wife was very grateful.

    Glad Al's head is doing fine. Enjoy an accident-free day.

  7. Those noodles have saved us many a split head. Now if I could only remember to duck sooner when making the bed in the bedroom slide out.

  8. Craig did the same in Las Vegas last year. Head cut can really bleed a lot quite quickly. Good thing you kept your cool. I always say "don't bleed on the carpet"

  9. After a similar experience banging my head against our slides, I now carry a full assortment of swim noodles to protect my noodle.

    If you'd like to recover your deleted photos, here's a link to a free program that will do the trick easily:

    PC Inspector File Recovery

  10. I sliced my head open in New York and boy do they bleed. We were parked next to a couple in a Class B who came running over when they heard me yell for Jim. Turns out they had both just retired a week earlier as ER nurses. I was definitely in good hands. Glad you were there to help them out. Enjoy your books.

  11. Goodness what excitment. I'm sure glad no one was seriously hurt. Nice that you could help each other out. Towhees are one of my very favorite birds. I just love to hear them call out Tow - Heeeeeee. Is your little friend a wren???

  12. So glad that Al is ok. How serendipitous to have a nurse next door and to have already met them. We have to check out Rainbow too.

  13. Glad Al got out with no more damage. It is so easy to forget about the LOW spots. I keep saying I am going to put those noodles on all the "head bump" hazards.

  14. Not the best of days, but you were able to help the other folks out. I would definitely get a couple noodles to protect Al's head:)


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