Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving in Tampa


Wesley Chapel, Florida  (high 74, low 54)

The cold front moved in bringing lots of wind Wednesday, and much colder temperatures overnight.  When we got up Thanksgiving morning, it was only 41 degrees.   Of course, we were used to cold weather, so it didn’t bother us.

We’re went to Moms house for Thanksgiving dinner. We picked up a pre-cooked dinner from Publix Grocery store, and it turned out to be very good.   We got to meet for the first time, my brothers new dog, Mickey.  He’s a cocoa colored Husky and is the sweetest thing ever.  He’s not the best behaved, but he sure is sweet.  I didn’t bring my camera, so I have no pictures to share.

On the way home, our route took us by a Wal-Mart.  Apparently, they were open and the parking lot was completely full with people parking on the side roads.  We had briefly entertained the idea of stopping, until we saw the crowds.  There wasn’t anything we wanted enough to go through those crowds.  It looks like the stores being open on Thanksgiving are pretty popular, so you can bet more will do it next year. 

We haven’t been doing much since we’ve been back, except hitting a few stores we hadn’t been able to go to for the past 3 months.  We missed our favorite health food store, Nutrition S’mart, we we’ve made a trip there and also to Sam’s Club, and Target.

We haven’t done anything fun since we’ve been back, but it’s been good seeing our friends here at the park.  Of course a few of them came up to Georgia to visit us.   We have passes for the local zoo, and even two very, very old tickets to Busch Gardens, so one of these days, we’ll have some fun.   The cold front has passed and the temperatures have warmed back up.  Soon, we’ll be running the AC again.


  1. Running the AC sounds so good. We have been extra cold here in Houston. Very unusual weather.

    Glad you got to spend some time with Mom on Thanksgiving. So important to be with family as much as possible.

  2. Sometimes not doing a whole lot is to be thankful for. Glad you got to spend Thanksgiving with your Mom. We definitely aren't running the AC here in AZ. But it was so nice yesterday we were able to leave the door open and enjoy the sunshine.

  3. With all you've been doing lately, you have my permission to sit back a veg... ;c)

  4. I wonder when the employees get to be with their families of the stores are open on Thanksgiving? I just hate the emphasis on buy buy buy. What happened to being thankful for the SO MUCH we already have and letting others have time to do so too. And perhaps not bringing out the Christmas spread until AFTER thanksgiving. Don't blame you for skipping it. Oh dear, did this turn into a rant? Sorry.

  5. Glad you all had a nice Thanksgiving!!!

  6. Sounds like you have quickly settled back in to your Florida routines. I am sure your mom was happy to spend Thanksgiving with you. Looking forward to those warmer temperatures.

  7. Great to be with your family for the holiday. I avoid stores during the big sales at all costs:)

  8. We have had some cool weather here in North Texas, but back to some wonderful sunny warm days again.
    Enjoy your time in Florida.


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