Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Should Have Listened to Al


Wesley Chapel, Florida  (high 76, low 66)

We really enjoyed our short stay at Rainbow Springs State Park, and would probably have stayed a few more days if I didn’t have a doctors appointment Monday morning.  Routine physical.

Saturday, was a beautiful warm and sunny day. We decided to go to Swampy’s for lunch.  It’s right on the river.  The food was good, but the view was incredible.

Here is our view from our table.

Rainbow River from Swampys restaurant

It would have been a wonderful day for kayaking, but we decided to wait until next time, since we’ve kayaked this river several times before.

Rainbow River from Swampys restaurant

Rainbow River from Swampys restaurant

We got home and spent most of the day outside reading our books and watching birds.  It was a lovely warm day.

Al had his bird feeders up and there was no shortage of birds.

I finally got a picture of a Towhee


This little guy was black and was hiding in the brush.  At first all I could see was his head.


He finally moved up a little when he started taking a dust bath.




I guess it was Friday when a big tag axel Holiday Rambler, with a Florida tag,  backed into the site right next to us.  I didn’t think anything of it, but Al mentioned that an old dive club friend had that kind of coach and wondered if it could be him.  “Sure Al, that’s the only HR tag axel in Florida.”

I didn’t think much of it, but Al kept watching to see if it was our old friend Ron.  We didn’t see anybody, and wondered if they had gone somewhere and just left the coach there. 

When we were leaving Sunday morning, who should walk out but our old friend Ron Harrell.   YEP, it was him staying right in the site next to us.   I should have listened to Al.  If that wasn’t enough, our other  old dive club friends Joe and Sherry, were just a few sites up!  We visited with them for a few minutes, but had to get down the road.  We felt bad that we missed the chance to see them.  

We had a long 77 mile drive on Sunday.  It was a little breezy, but nothing too bad and we made it safely back to Quail Run Rv Park.


As always, we plug our Progressive Industries voltage and surge protection into the site pedestal and check it before we plug in the coach.


Unfortunately, it showed a problem at the pedestal with high voltage.  We called the park handyman.  He is not a fan of the surge protector systems and always thinks they are faulty, rather than the park pedestal.  The last time we got an error code, and he said it was probably our surge guard, it turned out to be the pedestal.  He had to eat his words that time.   He did check the  pedestal and said it was fine. 

We were still in doubt, given his distain for the surge protections systems, so Al plugged the surge protector into two other sites and it again gave us error codes.  At this time, we were pretty sure it was the fault of the surge protector.  There was some moisture showing up in the readout.  We called  but we called them (on a Sunday) and got a call right back.  It turns out there is some moisture showing on the readout.

We called Progressive Industries on a Sunday, and got their voice mail for emergencies.  We left a message and a few minutes they called back.  They asked right away if we had moisture in the readout, so we’re assuming they had some problems with that.  We told them we did, and they said to send our surge protector back, and they would fix or replace it….at no charge.

This will actually be the second one they will be sending us.  Our first 50amp one was damaged due to a bad pedestal at a state park, and they sent us a new one right away.

That’s the kind of customer service we like!   So….if you have one of these portable units that sits outside, you might want to check the readout and look for moisture.  

We are sitting here watching the weather up north.  We’re glad we left Georgia, because they have freezing rain and a possibility of 2 inches of snow.  Although we wouldn’t have minded seeing some snow, I don’t think we’d want all the freezing rain.

The cold front will be reaching us, with some heavy rains predicted tonight and then cold weather tomorrow.  I think we can stand the cold though, since we lived through 17 degrees in the mountains.

We should have a sunny Thanksgiving day but the temperature is only supposed to be in the 60’s. 


  1. That good customer service. We have our surge protector but does not go outside stays in the compartment, so have had no issues with it.

  2. Glad you made it back before this system caught up with you. It's been rainy and cold for days in Texas.

  3. Heavy rain here in southern coastal Georgia as I speak. Our surge protector is inside the electric bin, David wired it in and we've never had a problem with it. Great to know Progressive Industries is a company we can be proud to support.

  4. too bad you missed visiting with your friends. Did you tell them about blogging?

  5. Our Surgeguard has saved us many times too. The pedestal here at the VC gave us fits for a week, and they came out and changed it.

  6. Good tip on the surge protector. I don't have one but it certainly is moving up on my 'next gizmo' list of things to buy.

  7. Wouldn't be without our surge guard. We have a cover for ours that Jim designed out of a waterproof bag (kind of like a cosmetic bag but larger). Snow or freezing rain? I'd take the snow any day. And I really hate snow.

  8. We have the "hard wired" version of the same surge protector you have. It has saved our rig on several occasions. We've had a severe "over voltage" and several "under voltage" campgrounds, but most recently it detected an "open ground" situation. I wouldn't plug in without one.

  9. Love the photos of the Towhee. So little and cute.

    Paul wouldn't pull out of the driveway for our first adventure until he purchased a surge protector.

  10. I have the same surge protector and twice it has saved us with broken wires in the pedestal giving incorrect, low voltage. Probably my best investment ever (next to Marti). :c)

  11. I got an extension cord and now I keep it in the bin and use the extension cord between the surge protector and the pedestal. This keeps it dry and allows me to lock the bin so it keeps it from being stolen as well.

  12. It is amazing how every time we have had an issue with the surge guard indication, the campground says it must be our unit. After much discussion, so far every time has been the pedestal that was bad.

  13. Love the weather report for Thanksgiving! Looking forward to being back in FL real soon. The surge protector is plugged in before we start to unhitch because I want to know if there is a problem before we get set up!


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