Friday, August 23, 2013

We’re Back in the North Georgia Mountains


Rivers Edge Campground, Blairsville, Georgia  (high 82, low 65)


We left Georgia Rv Park (AKA Country Boys Rv Park) about 10ish.  We got a later start than we planned, because we had to go buy a new carafe for the coffee pot. It had an accident yesterday. :)

While we were out we scoped out an alternative way to leaving the campground that didn’t involve crossing a busy highway. 

The campground was certainly not a place we’d want to stay more than a night, but it was adequate for the night. The main reason we HOPE not to go back there again is the fact that there were a few cats running around.  We don’t mind that as long as they are not strays with kittens looking for a new home.  We certainly don’t need any additions to the family, so we avoid places like that.

We headed north on US 129/441.  It was a good road leaving Commerce with 2 lanes each way.  It narrowed down to one lane,after a while, but wasn’t bad.  This route was our alternate route trying to avoid Atlanta traffic and the 7 or 8 lanes of traffic.

We did fine until we got into Clayton Georgia.  We were in the mountains by this time and we had to head west on highway 76.  It did not show up on our Truckers Atlas as a truckers road.  That worried me, but we had heard from a few people that it was okay for a large motor home.   It was fine.  It was one lane each way with an occasional additional lane for passing.  There were some curvy parts, but no real hairpin turns.  However, there were quite a few steep downhill grades with warnings.  It was a bit nerve-wracking trying to keep from using the brakes too much and overheating them and keeping our speed and rpm’s down.  We crossed a few bridges over some gorgeous lakes, but I was too busy “helping” Al to take any pictures.

We thought we were in big trouble when we got to Blairsville at the traffic circle in the middle of town.  They were doing construction and had half of it blocked off.  There was a semi coming the other way who got stuck and had to back up a few times before he was able to make the curve.   UH OH….no backing a motor home with a toad hooked up behind. 

Fortunately, we got through the traffic circle just fine and were not detoured as we had feared.  My heart was pounding by this time though.  Poor Al.  His nag-i-vator wife was in rare form yesterday.  I couldn’t help myself.  :)

We are not used to mountains, hills or curvy roads, because Florida is flat and straight.  These mountain roads are nerve wracking for us. The route that takes us through Atlanta is a much better route (except for Atlanta).

Anyway…..after the traffic circle we were only about 8 miles from “home” and we arrived safely.

Our rv park is easy to maneuver in and the site was easy to get into. 

We have an 85 foot long concrete pad that’s 35 feet wide, but the place the motor home goes is in a fairly narrow area beside the deck.   Not too difficult getting into, but you have to be aware of the deck, and be spaced properly so you can get the storage bays open on both sides.   We didn’t think of that issue when we bought the lot, so it’s a good thing it worked out okay.   The previous owners have bays that open up.  Ours open out, so it was a concern.

Our site was just as nice as we remembered it.  The previous owners left us a lot of good stuff,  and we soon got settled in.

Al worked outside getting the bird feeders and baths set up. He figures out how to hook up the washing machine in the cabin, and the lights around the deck area.  We took out the patio set and shade awning from the cabin and everything looks nice.


This beautiful plant was waiting for me.  I used to know what this was, but I’m not sure now.  Oakleaf hydrangea??  The picture really didn’t do it justice.


I am sure liking having a full size washer and dryer, which is in the cabin.  I like my little Splendide washer/dryer combo just fine, but it’s real nice to be able to do a larger load without having to bother going to a Laundromat.

I guess I am excited about being here, because I was wide awake at 3:30 this morning.  I tried to go back to sleep, but soon gave up.  I tried to be quiet to let Al sleep but he heard me going outside and got up a little after 5.  Sorry! 

We were sure glad we weren’t in Florida yesterday, because they got torrential rains and Wesley Chapel (where we stay) had a lot of flooding.  There was even a picture on Facebook showing a shed floating down a main highway.  How that happened, I do not know.

It rained here for a short time, but nothing severe.  Just like I like it.

When we went to bed last night, I turned off the air conditioners (for the first time since June), turned on the Fantastic fan to draw the air out, and left the bedroom window open to bring the cool air in.  It was heaven, but we ended up needing another blanket before the night was over.   Just how we like it! 

We have been warned there is some bear activity around, so we are trying to remember to bring in the bird feeders at night.  Of course, I slept with the curtain open so that I could look for bears during the night.  Didn’t see any, but am still hoping!


  1. Looks live a very nice place. Congratulations!

  2. Despite all the "fun" on your trip, it ended well and was worth it all. Your site looks lovely, I can see you chose wisely.

    All those flowers add so much to the beauty of your new "home". Congrats! :c)

  3. Congrats. I'm jealous. What a great site!!

  4. Now you can sit back and enjoy your place in the mountains.

  5. You have a great spot for sure. Sleeping with the windows open at night sure beats A/C.

  6. What an amazing site. No need to do any sightseeing, you have it all right there.

  7. Looks like a very nice place to cal home base. Autumn is just around the corner and I bet it will be beautiful there.

  8. Yep, enjoy the cooler temps! Fall is just around the corner. You'll like being a leaf-peeper.

  9. The flower heads look like hydrangea, but the leaves don't look like the oak-leaf variety, whose leaves really look like large oak leaves.

    The mountains can be nerve-wracking when you are not used to them. I am used to the Appalachians, but I'm already steeling my nerves for when Bob and I head out west in a couple of years.

  10. Know you are so glad to be set up in your new site! Looks like a great fit.....enjoy the good life in the North Georgia Mtns.

  11. Sleeping with the windows open is the best. I try to be where that can happen every month of the year. Looks like you will be enjoying your new home a lot. It is lovely. Congratulations!!

  12. I just love your space - the cabin is so cute. I'd love something like that. I can understand why you'd be happy to be "home." :)

  13. Your spot looks perfect! Nice to have a place to call home I'm sure!

  14. Ah, there you are! Nice place! Welcome to Blairsville. Make sure you try out Jim's Smokin' Que if you like BBQ. They are only open Thursday-Saturday. They are on Hwy 129 North of you. Get there early, then go to Pappy's Country Store for ice cream. We are at Trackrock Campground.


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