Friday, August 09, 2013

Otters Before Breakfast


Wesley Chapel, Florida

When we got up this morning, I noticed the otters were right behind the coach, so we went outside cameras in hand.

They are a little curious and will often swim right over your way and check you out for a minute or two.



Then, pretty soon, it’s back to the business of grooming.


It was a beautiful morning with dew on the bald cypress trees.

quail run

Pretty soon, along came a family of Red Wing Blackbirds.  These appear to be juveniles.  They are a little clumsy still.

juvinile red wing blackbirds

A blue jay posed nicely.

blue jay

Little Blue Heron


I snapped this picture last night.  I thought it was interesting with doves in the feeder and the deer in the background.


Mom had a bad day yesterday.  It was day three after her fall and I think it finally caught up with her.  She seems to be feeling better this morning (so far), so hopefully she’s on the mend.  She has finally started using the cane I got her.


  1. I really hope mom does much better today. I am sure it will take awhile before she is feeling 100%

    I just love those otters. You got some really cool shots. Great job!

  2. It's nice to have all that wildlife right outside your window.

    I can understand your mom's reluctance to use the cane. Sometimes it's hard to admit you need the extra help.

  3. one critter I have yet to see in the wild... otters

  4. You otter take more pics of those otters!(sorry!)

    Hope your Mom continues to get better.

  5. A walker might be beter for her than a cane. I know, she will probably balk at that full force, but if it would prevent another fall she should consider it. Be firm. Remind her that if she should fall and break a hip she would probably have to go to a nursing home. She seems like she needs a lot of attention and care. You have been a great daughter, but can you move in with her if she needs full time care?

  6. We are really enjoying the deer that wander around here...but not that they are eating the bird seed out of our feeder! Otters are so adorable!

  7. I see more "wildlife" in your post than NatGeo or the Animal Planet. Ditto on the cane or walker for your mom.

  8. Those otters are just darling. Great photos!

    I'm glad your mom is getting better. The older we get, the harder it is to heal, and the longer it takes. My Mom and Dad have both used walkers and then canes - another fall would be awful, so better to be safe. :)

  9. Loved your otter pix! Didn't know they were in to grooming. Must be very classy otters... ;c)

  10. The otters are just cute as can be. Reading about your mom is exactly what I went through. We were so tied down and couldn't leave for fear she would fall and get hurt. She passed away in 07 from cancer. The roles definitely reverse the parents become dependents and we become the parents. I hope your Mom gets well soon.

  11. Otters are just my favorites. I almost never see them and here you have two of them as pets in your backyard wildlife sanctuary. :-))

  12. Love the Otters. You are getting some great pictures right there in your backyard.


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