Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bear Hunting


Blairsville, Georgia  (high 83, low 60)

Our little cool front ends today and we will be having more normal temperatures….darn.    We will still have much nicer weather than we left in Tampa, so we’re not complaining.

Yesterday was a very busy day.  We had the closing on the Rv lot scheduled for 3pm.

It turns out there is no Bank of America nearby, so we had planned on having money sent via wire transfer.

Unfortunately, I discovered yesterday morning that wire transfers take longer than they do when you see it done on Tv.  I went through the entire procedure, only to discover they couldn’t guarantee it to be there until after 5pm.  Since the closing was scheduled for 3pm, we had to go to plan b, so off we went to the nearest branch office.

It turns out the nearest Bank of America was “over the mountain” in Gainesville, Georgia.  It was over an hours drive each way, and down one of the most twisty and curvy roads in the area.   Even in a vehicle, it’s not a road that you can relax and cruise along.

We made it there and back and to the closing on time.  The Rv lot is now officially ours.

After the closing, we did a little shopping, looking for a  piece of furntiture for the cabin.  It’s a very small cabin, and we don’t need much, other than that and some wall hangings.

We did notice some trees that are getting ready for fall. Pretty, huh?


By the time we got home, it was almost time to go “bear hunting.”     We have heard that some neighbors take a cruise in the evening to look for bears.  Apparently, there are quite a few around, probably due to all the crops the farmers have planted.   Normally, we would walk, but we were tired by that time, so we took the the easy way out and drove the truck.

Everything looked pretty with the lowering sun.  No bear here.


Down some heavily wooded roads.  No bear there.

We did see a few dear.  Notice, where they are standing?  In some farmers crops!  Yum.


We never did see any bear, but we’ll keep looking.   Al has been very good about putting the bird feeders up at night, because we understand they will raid the feeders.  I remember seeing Judys feeders after a bear got it.

By the time we got home, it was getting dark and time for happy hour in the hot tub.




  1. Well no bear, but you were able to bare it and get into the hot tub.
    Funny about the banks, they do just a wonderful job (rolling eyes here) until you *really* need them, and then they fall by the wayside.

  2. That hot tub picture was so mean... ;c)

  3. Looking real relaxing there in that hot tub, enjoy!

  4. Looks like a nice place to call home.

  5. I've been taking in my feeders every night since that incident. :(

  6. I bet those deer think that farmer planted that smorgasbord just for them. Hope we see some bear pictures. Great hot tub pic though.

  7. Loved the "two-tone" tree. Looks like autumn is on it's way in your part of the country. and, of course... Happy Hunting!

  8. We have Bank of America and ran into the same problem when we purchased this home last September. There are no BOA close to us. We had to postpone the closing for two days. Then the bank where we had to pay the owners charged us interest for those additional two days. We were not happy about that in the least.

    Looks like Al know how to enjoy a hot tub.

  9. Congrats on the closing of your deal.

    Sure hope those bears don't like hot tubs!

  10. Love the hot tub. Best of all worlds.


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