Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Busy Day Settling In, and a New Addition


(I had a problem uploading this blog this morning.  I hope I have better luck tonight)

Blairsville, Georgia (high 81, low 60)

Yup, the weather is way better than in Tampa.  We’re 10-12 degrees cooler here, and it’s very noticeable.  Still warm in the daytime, but not miserable like it was in Tampa.  We are able to turn the a/c off at night and we actually get kind of chilly in the middle of the night. I’m putting on a thicker blanket tonight.

We took a nice long walk on the country roads this morning.  We found some apple trees along the road.  We understand the deer like them, but that the apples are a little tart.


You can certainly get your exercise on these hilly roads.


On the way back, we saw this guy fly fishing in the Nottley River that runs through our campground.  He’s on the right side of the river. Can you see him?  He caught a small fish while we watched.


Baxter got to go outside for a little walk around the deck and then into his little cage, last night.  With all of his thick fur, he can’t be outside unless it’s cool.

He was a good boy to let me put on his “dress.”    I worry that he will escape, so he has to wear a harness, leash and then get in his cage.   He has made no effort to escape, but we sure don’t want to lose our boy.  Just look at those cute bloomers!


We walked him around the patio a little while, but we really have to be careful because the fleas really love him.  We’ve gotten flea infestations inside the motor home, just from us coming in and out.  I guess they love that thick soft fur.

We are sitting outside this morning, having our breakfast and coffee.  Baxter is in his cage and seems to be enjoying it, as long as he can see us. 


We thought we had an “oops” moment yesterday, when we decided to put the awning out.  Oops….will it extend fully and not run into the cabin?  We have a Girard automatic awning, and it says its the most stable fully extended.  I thought for a second that it was going to hit the cabin, but fortunately it was okay, with 5-6 inches to spare.  That was not something we thought about when buying this rv lot. 

Yesterday, we spent the morning organizing and just puttering around the lot.  We took a walk and met a few neighbors.

We’ve noticed how different this park is than others we have stayed at.  There aren’t a lot of people walking their dogs like you normally see in an Rv park.  In fact, it seems that not a lot of people are even here right now.  There are quite a few sites where the Rv is permanently set up.  A lot of people live nearby in the Atlanta area and use this as a week-end getaway.  The people we’ve met seem very nice.

Yesterday, was a productive day.  We had already decided we wanted a hot tub.  The last time we were here, we found a store and tentatively picked out a tub.

We went by the hot tub store late yesterday afternoon, made the deal, and last night at 7pm our new hot tub was delivered!  Pretty good service huh?  It’s small and plugs in directly to a 110 volt outlet, so it was easy to set up.



It fits nicely between the cabin and the deck, and the cabin gives us nice privacy, in case we ever want to swim nekked!  We don’t, but just in case!

We haven’t been in the hot tub it yet.  It had to warm up overnight.  This morning, it was nice and warm but Al wanted to wait and get into it until they came and did a quick repair this morning.  The ground on the power cord got broken and they are going to replace the cord this morning.  It would probably be okay, but Al wanted to wait….just in case.  The repairman is on the way here, and then we’re going to try out our new hot tub.   Tonight, we will have happy hour in the hot tub.

After hot tub, we’re going to an arts and crafts fair in the nearby town of Young Harris.  There are a lot of these coming up in the next few months.  Fall is a very popular time in the mountains of Georgia and North Carolina.

We seem to have a problem with one of our neighbors.  They are hogging all the birds!   We have our feeders out and so far only have gotten a couple hummers and a dove or two.  The neighbors have a lot of feeders and bird houses on their lot and the birds seem very happy there.  We’re planning our strategy on how to steal their birds.   If we can’t lure some birds here, then I guess we’ll have to bring our chairs down to their site.  I hope they will prove refreshments!


  1. Hot tub? You got a hot tub? When can we come and visit? We want to see YOU, really... :cD

  2. What a great idea to get a hot tub! Love to sit in them, with a nice glass of wine, and relax. Your site looks very homey ;)

  3. Do you have to have a fence around the hot tub? In Texas, it's a law so kids don't wander in & drown.

  4. Wow - a hot tub. Now that's exciting news. But I can't believe your neighbors aren't sharing the birds better. Baxter is such a cutie.

  5. You are never going to want to leave this idyllic retreat! The hot tub is a great addition.

  6. Looks like you're settling for sure!

  7. looks like a great setup. maybe you better check out what the neighbors are feeding the birds:)

  8. You all will really enjoy that hot tub!!
    Give those birds a little time and they'll be happy to dine at both places!! :-)

  9. Ahh that hot tub sounds terrific. What a great idea! Things seem to be working out perfectly at your new place.

  10. That's the life with the hot tub, enjoy!
    Maybe the presence of Baxter is keeping some birds away?

  11. Your hot tub is a nice addition. Good idea to get all the electrical issues checked before getting in it though!

  12. Your lot looks like a beautiful place. Great for getting out of the Florida Heat.

  13. Wow! You've been making changes in your life! I've had computer problems so am just now reading blogs. Surprised that you bought a lot in Georgia, but it sure looks like a beautiful area. Had to laugh - I tried to find Rivers Edge and found another one in GA and it caters to gay men. Baxter looks so cute in his harness. It's always nice to know where a lot can be purchased. Are you on any water? Lots are reasonably priced I think. Sure beats paying rent. Very happy for you - sounds like a great 2nd place for you. Love having your own hot tub!


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